Why Local Online Marketing Is Important

London, England, April 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

UK based Stratton Digital is looking for new ways to help their business community understand why local online marketing should be a crucial aspect of their strategy. Taking the first step in sharing their perspective, the agency has published an article that can be accessed for free via their official website’s blog space. Alternatively, businesses may contact Stratton Digital’s agents directly to discuss any concerns relating to their own interests and niche.

“In today’s business landscape,” the post says, “you need to have an online presence or miss out on a large portion of your audience, potential customers, and sales. However, it’s not just a matter of taking your business online. You should make how you go about it a key consideration. To get the full benefits of having an online presence, you need to learn the tactics and strategies of online marketing, local marketing included.”

It is fairly easy to test this, the agency explains. All anyone needs to do is conduct a search for a specific product or service. The results they receive will invariably be confined to their immediate geographical position, with most results being no more than a relatively short walk or drive away. This process, notably, can be influenced in a business’ favour, and Stratton Digital strongly believes that anyone who fails to take advantage of this opportunity is doing themselves and their business a great disservice. For one, it is most likely that their competitors are already doing the same — or working with marketers who can operate on their behalf. Getting on board is probably the only way they can stay relevant in local search results.

The process of localising an online presence falls under search engine optimization (SEO), and it allows the business to bring themselves to the attention of their preferred audience — people who are most likely to become customers. Stratton Digital says a business will have to put several complementary strategies into effect in order to raise their brand’s visibility in this manner, including content creation and careful keyword usage. A little investment in this regard can go a long way, leading to higher conversions and sales.

According to the agency, redefining a business in terms of its local area can bring it out of the relatively large shadow of competitors based all over the world. This is most important for businesses without an international footprint since they will likely rely on foot traffic or interest from nearby customers. Fortunately, Stratton Digital says they stand to see several benefits in short order once they begin.

First off, the business’s brand visibility will improve. To start off, the post says, “Statistics would show that a whopping 67.6% of user clicks go to the first five results on google. If your business appears among those results, chances are, web visitors will be clicking to see what you’re offering. One of the biggest success factors for your business is being where potential customers can find you easily. Local SEO helps you become more visible, significantly improving the chances of customers finding your business.”

Businesses will also find that customers associate their brand with a position of authority in their respective field or service. A higher ranking in search results gives the impression that the business is the leading name in this category, making customers feel more comfortable doing all their purchases with said business. Since this encourages people to become repeat customers, a business cannot afford to miss out on such opportunities.

The agency explains, “Even customers appreciate the convenience of doing business within the local economy. When they do business with you and enjoy an excellent customer experience, they’re more likely to return and even refer your business to others. They also appreciate the convenience of being able to drop by anytime for shopping, returns, exchanges and offers. This helps you gain a loyal following and repeat customers.”

Much more information on the subject can be found in this blog post, and the agency invites the business community to get in touch with their experts if they have any further inquiries or wish to begin their own local online marketing campaign. Phil Roskams of Stratton Digital is on hand to provide any further assistance to those who reach out.


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