Straton Digital Increases Number of Clients for Be Found Be Chosen Local Business Marketing Service

London, England –

Stratton Digital, a digital marketing agency based in London, UK, is happy to announce that it has increased the number of clients that can be accepted for the Be Found Be Chosen local business marketing service from 10 to 20, after accomplishing outstanding results for current clients. As the name of the service implies, a business needs to be found online and then be chosen by potential customers. Local businesses need search engine optimization (SEO) in order to compete and grow in the current market. However, they want to emphasize that their service is more than just SEO because a business has to tick all the boxes for potential customers or else they will likely go to the competitor.

Phil Roskams, founder of Stratton Digital, says, “We deliver advanced local business growth strategies that have helped hundreds of local business experience a significant increase in customers and revenue. We leverage our teams expertise to provide optimization in three areas: strong search presence; reputation and trust; and attraction marketing. Our three core frame-work has been developed from hundreds of projects and data analysed from previous campaigns. The whole point of this is to make your business more money from search engines…and that’s what we do best!”

Strong search presence means the local business will always be found by their target customers. The marketing experts at Stratton Digital will perform a complete, technical and functional competitor analysis and from the data they gathered they will come up with the appropriate SEO campaign strategy. This will include search intent to ensure that the business website is appearing for the most lucrative search phrases and Google business profile optimisation. The main idea is to ensure that the website is being seen by the people who are actively searching for the kinds of products or services the business offers.

The reputation and trust focus ensures that the local business is the only choice for the potential customer. They will use their AI reputation software, which will build natural reviews and reputations, to ensure that the business stands out as the natural choice for the individual doing the search. This is a vital step because when people are searching for a local service, they have several businesses to choose from, which are all offering the same service with all claiming to provide the best product or service. Having great reviews and ratings will ensure the business will dominate the competition.

Attraction marketing helps the local business provide value-driven content every month to send a signal to the local market that the business is an authority on the product or service they are offering. This will help create a link between the business and its future customers.

Founded by Phil Roskams, Stratton Digital was designed to fill a gap in the usual local business marketing strategies. Phil Roskams had realised that giving exposure to a local business wasn’t sufficient because people searching for a product or service will be deciding on who they should contact or call. With the process called Be Found Be Chosen, they apply a combination of marketing strategies to help local businesses flourish and grow. More about the Be Found Be Chosen process can be gleaned from

Phil Roskams says, “We have a small but highly skilled team here at Stratton Digital and all our team are specilaists in local business marketing and are dedicated to providing exceptional results. To provide the best service you need the best people as well as the best deliverables, which is why we made the decision 3 years ago to adopt a home office working environment. This meant we could seek out the best talent in the world instead of being confined to a geographical location. All our team have access to the latest marketing education and strategies to ensure they remain at the top of their game and deliver outstanding results every time.”

Those who are interested in learning more about the local business marketing services offered by Stratton Digital can check out their website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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