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We were lucky enough to be joined by Charlie Rhee, CEO & co-founder of FUFU for a two part AMA, across both company’s telegram channels.

In recent weeks it was announced AIKON’s ORE ID would be integrated into the entire FUFU Ecosystem, allowing their users to seamlessly create, play and share interactive quizzes and earn NFTs.

The transcript below consists of questions answered by Charlie Rhee on the ORE Network Telegram. Followed by Caitlin Abejon answering questions on the FUFU Telegram to close-out the AMA.

Let’s get things started! Tell us a bit more about FUFU or UwUFUFU and your work there? And maybe a note about the name UwUFUFU.

FUFU is building a digital marketing platform for Web 3.0 bringing users, communities, brands, projects and content creators together into one cohesive ecosystem.

The ecosystem’s flagship content & NFT creation and distribution platform is UwUFUFU. A gamified content marketing platform in the form of viral interactive quizzes that allows any user, brand or community to deploy a comprehensive digital marketing campaign at scale in the form of interactive quizzes and NFTs with no code required. The platform is already enjoyed by thousands of users and content creators.

The name UwUFUFU is actually a combination of two internet/emoji words of UwU and FUFU.

Moving on, what was the driving force behind choosing blockchain tech and utilizing tokenization ($FUFU) in creating a gaming and quiz platform?

We initially started as a platform focused on offering content marketing solutions for brands seeking traditional web 2.0 type marketing campaigns. But we quickly realized it is our quiz creators who are driving the platform. We wanted to be able to share the value they were creating and at the same time started to see a lot of web 3.0 projects needing marketing solutions as web 2.0 solutions were not ideal. Therefore we started tokenization process and launched utility features that allow our holders to earn passive income first.

Speaking of tokenization, what staking opportunities does the community have at this time?

After our launch we immediately offered a pre-staking program where our early adopters enjoyed high returns for their support. We then launched a main staking program where we continue to launch new staking pools along with platform benefits. We also offered a liquidity mining program and just launched a new LP token staking program for providing liquidity on FUFU/BUSD on Impossible Finance. We are also near launch of a fixed staking program, where users will receive a smaller APY% but at a fixed rate for specific time periods. We will continue to launch new staking opportunities in the future.

Great to hear about all those options! As for your partnership with us, what do you see as the biggest benefit of the partnership with AIKON & the ORE ID?

We couldn’t be aligned more perfectly. As mentioned earlier we started as a web 2.0 platform so a lot of our users are not crypto-native. The learning curve of creating metamask and figuring out how to do everything is quite steep, so we were always trying to figure the best way to bridge that gap. AIKON through ORE ID offered exactly what we needed. The easiest way for our users to seamlessly get their foot into web 3.0 without even knowing they have done so.

Alright, Going to switch gears for my last question. What first drew you to blockchain and crypto?

I come from a finance background spending over 10 years working at global Investment Banks. A lot of my colleagues and peers moved into crypto and I was a passive investor. I was amazed at the level of innovation that was coming out of the Industry but didn’t want to do a crypto project for the sake of doing crypto. We wanted real world application and reason. Then when DeFi and NFT technologies took off, we saw both as an ideal way to share the value our users are creating as well as improve the type of marketing campaigns our users can deploy at a scale. And we haven’t looked back ever since.

After a few questions with Caitlin, we will be opening it up to the community for questions so get your questions ready everyone!

So lets kick it off!

What is the purpose of the ORE Network project? How does ORE ID fit into the narrative?

Thanks @charlierhee, I’m excited to chat with you and the community!

For a quick background, for those who weren’t at the @orecommunity AMA before this, FUFU recently announced a partnership with AIKON and will integrate ORE ID into the entire ecosystem!

The Open Rights Exchange (ORE) Network is really the foundation for cross-chain identity It’s a blockchain optimized for managing secure identities and digital assets across a number of other blockchains like Algorand, Ethereum and EOS, to name a few.

Any use cases built with the ORE Network are natively cross-chain and are able to be easily connected to the off-chain world.

ORE ID is the single sign-on identity authentication platform built on the ORE Network with the ORE Network’s launch partner @teamaikon. ORE ID is already used by a bunch of businesses in the blockchain industry like RedFOX Labs and now FUFU!

How does ORE Network enable NFT adoption, and how is it unique to the blockchain space?

Well as more and more chains launch NFT projects, we believe users will want this single identity experience that can hold all of their different assets from different chains. ORE ID supports this experience

On top of that, ORE Vault — the b2b crypto wallet also built on ORE Network — allows businesses to more securely and easily manage their digital assets and their NFTs. ORE Vault has Wallet Connect functionality, allowing users to connect to 1K+ dapps like OpenSea. So businesses can ultimately buy, sell and even create their NFTs through this ORE Vault feature.

Why are you excited about FUFU and ORE ID?

You mean other than the awesome FUFU quizzes?!

What we’re most excited about is your company’s mission to help brands successfully deploy their digital advertising campaigns via new channels of content marketing and NFT distribution.

Our entire vision is to simply the complexity around blockchain and crypto to accelerate the adoption of this tech. A Web 3.0 future is rapidly approaching and it’s important for companies and individuals to prepare.

With FUFU’s and ORE ID’s powers combined, our customers and end users have secure access to this technology, and not even realize it — because it’s all done behind the scenes. Bringing us all one step closer.

We are also excited about what we can achieve together, especially for our users. Are there any new highlights / features you’d like to share?

Yes! ORE ID reached a new milestone this past week 💪

ORE ID just passed the creation of 150K+ wallets on the ORE Network. The growth of the network has truly skyrocketed in the last 6 months since the $ORE Token IDO.

It’s partnerships like FUFU and RedFOX Labs that are fueling this growth and the excitement around ORE ID’s utility.

Anyone or application (like ORE ID) that wants to use the ORE Network has to buy and use ORE Tokens to store data at the ORE registry. It’s like renting servers in the cloud.

All this interest proves that ORE ID is a much-needed tool in the industry, and we’re so excited that you and the FUFU team see the value of the project.

About the Open Rights Foundation

Built in partnership with AIKON, the Open Rights Exchange is built to be simple to use and compatible with all chains. A single password — not a key — is provided as the entry to not just the Open Rights Exchange, but to all other chains including Ethereum, Polygon, Algorand and EOS — with even more chains being added every quarter.

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