How small businesses are fighting inflation

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Hit hard by the inflation, small businesses are turning to the internet to reduce costs, increase margins, and provide a better experience to their customers.

NEW YORK, USA, May 5, 2022 / — Small businesses are among the hardest hit by inflation, and they know it. According to a recent study by MetLife & the US Chamber of Commerce, 85% of small business owners are concerned about the impact of inflation on their business. And they are taking action, not just by raising their prices (many are reluctant to do so) but also by better managing their costs.

Two of the main costs a small business faces are acquiring new customers and handling administrative tasks such as appointment-setting and customer support. That is why so many are looking to digital tools to better optimize their processes, reduce costs, and increase margins, all while providing a better experience for their customers.

One company responding to small business needs at this moment is, a unique player in the web development space focused on helping small businesses get online, get noticed, manage their business, and grow.

UENI has seen a surge of growth in the first quarter of 2022 from businesses looking for a professional online presence that allows them to improve their marketing, receive bookings, sell their products, and chat with their customers on a single platform.

Christine Telyan, co-founder of UENI, says, “Our customers are new or established businesses that have struggled with other solutions either because they were hard to use or too costly. It is amazing to hear feedback from business owners who love what we built for them and now feel confident about managing their online presence.”

What is UENI?
UENI is an online platform specifically created to help small businesses compete online. Its target audience is business owners who do not have the time, money, or technical skills to create and manage a professional online presence by themselves.

UENI is able to create a professional online presence for any business across more than 800 industries, in under a week. That includes design, writing the website content, building the services, products, images and videos, search engine optimization, and setting up a verified Google Business Profile.

All websites developed by UENI include online booking functionality, credit card payment processing and lifetime unlimited hosting—benefits that are rarely at the base price, but UENI offers them for free.

Christine Telyan, co-founder of UENI, attributes small business owners’ growing interest in UENI to three things: ease of the process, human support, and affordability.

“Small business owners want to be proud of how their business looks online and they want to be able to interact with their customers on the go. At the same time, they don’t want to mess around with tech like website builders force them to do. We do the hard work of building their sites with rich content and keeping the tech uptodate.”

She added that, “our solution is unique because we offer human support, not just tech. Every customer is invited to a 1-on-1 call with a member of our team to ensure that he or she is happy with their online presence, knows how to use the editor, and understands how to contact us if they need more help. We offer additional hands-on marketing help for customers that want us to help them launch campaigns online.

“Finally, we are affordable. During this long transition out of the pandemic, with supply chains disrupted, staff shortages, and costs going up, we launched our Lifetime License. This is our promise to small business owners that they can get a professional online presence for a small one-time fee. We pass on our efficiencies to our small business customers to keep the price they pay low.”

For a single payment of $149, with no recurring monthly or annual fees, business owners from all industries are now able to get their website and Google Profile developed and launched by UENI in a week, and never pay a penny for it ever again. UENI stands behind its product with a 30-day money back guarantee.

UENI also caters to those that need more hands-on support from marketing experts. For an optional fee, website owners can opt to include a custom domain name, professional email inboxes, unlimited edits done by UENI’s content specialists, and the latest service, added in 2022: one-on-one marketing strategy where a member of the team Works with the business owner to develop and execute a tailored plan to reach the business’s goals. This, particularly, is a service only offered by expensive marketing agencies. Now, UENI is bringing it to the everyday business owner, at affordable prices.

UENI reviews
Over 625,000 businesses have joined UENI since 2014 — a testament to the sustainability and attractiveness of its offer. One in three businesses that join UENI are referred to the platform by someone they know.

But are users happy with what they get? On review site Trustpilot, UENI scores a rating of ‘Excellent’ with close to 3,000 reviews. Other review platforms such as Google, Facebook, Capterra and GetApp rate UENI similarly.

“Support from UENI from start to finish has been first class. Great technical advice and easy to use Web editor. I’m extremely happy with the service”, says Deborah Wood, a Home Improvements professional that hired UENI to launch their website in March 2022.

Another customer writes, “I don’t know if my business would have survived without this! The site that UENI did for me is much better than anything I could’ve ever done myself, everything they promised they delivered, plus a whole lot more The support is always there, always helpful! THANK YOU”, highlighting the delight customers feel with both the service and the human support, which distinguishes UENI from other web development platforms.

To learn more about UENI’s unique Done-For-You service or to see some examples of UENI’s work, visit

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