Jomboy Media Completes Additional $5 Million In Funding With Plans To Expand

Jomboy Media, the popular multi-media company founded by Jimmy O’Brien, has reached an additional $5 million in financing fundraising that will allow the company to expand into additional sports avenues.

The funding for the four-year-old company comes just 13 months after an initial $1 million angel investment was infused into Jomboy Media for development.

With the additional funding, the company plans on hiring a CEO and other executives to focus on internal PR and Marketing, as well as a more robust sales and merchandising team.

The investment came by way of Connect Ventures, a partnership with Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and global venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates (NEA). Additional investors with Connect Ventures include WWE, as well as Quinn Cook, Billy Crystal, Josh Hader, Alexis Ohanian, CC Sabathia, Noah Syndergaard, Karl-Anthony Towns, Trea Turner, Gabrielle Union, and Dwyane Wade.

As part of the investment Adam Friedman, an Executive at CAA and Investor at Connect Ventures will also join the board of Jomboy Media.

“What Jimmy has built-in a brief period of time is quite impressive,” said Friedman. “His ability to become the ‘people’s voice’ is only the beginning, and just a small part of his larger vision for what we all believe Jomboy Media will become. We are excited to be on this journey with him and the team.”

The funding will be used to expand into other North American sports, as well as the development of original content for television and streaming platforms, new IP for Jomboy Media’s growing array of channels, podcasts, live events around tentpole sporting events. Additionally, the company will look to add marquee talent.

Jomboy’s meteoric rise started largely with O’Brien providing lip reading and commentary around pivotal moments in Major League Baseball, including Yankees’ manager Aaron Boone’s now-infamous “savages in the box” tirade. But his stock really took off in 2019 when he posted an exhaustive breakdown of game audio that showed the Houston Astros using trash can lids to pass signals to batters for sign stealing.

Since then, Jomboy has continued to be a popular platform with players and fans. The initial $1 million investment in 2020 was fueled by Christian Yelich, Ian Happ, Trevor Plouffe, Eli Roth, Julie Young, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sam Lerner, Cam Fuller, and Crypt TV CEO and Co-Founder Jack Davis.

Asked whether he planned to grow Jomboy Media into a swelling empire, or whether it was organic, O’Brien didn’t hesitate.

“It’s been incredibly organic,” he said to me in an interview for Forbes. “But, as I like to say, there have been others doing the dreaming for me and telling me this can become a big company. So, that big vision dreaming has been in the back of my head.”

There’s good reason for O’Brien and the team of investors to be bullish about Jomboy Media’s future. While Forbes is unable to independently verify, according to the company Jomboy Media increased revenue by 4x from 2019 to 2020, while also seeing revenue increase by 500% from 2020 to 2021.

A key to the success of the platform has been O’Brien’s ability to find the fun in sports, even if he’s done breakdowns of serious matters, such as the Astros sign-stealing scandal. That will remain paramount to the success of Jomboy Media as it expands.

“The brand that we have is genuine,” O’Brien told me. “What we engage in and the personalities involved have is enjoying what they’re doing. We don’t necessarily need to be completely original as long as it remains genuine. Game recaps are nothing new. But because we’re enthusiastic and genuine, it comes off as fresh – it’s our voice.”

O’Brien went on to say that the culture within Jomboy Media is “fun over funny.”

“If your goal is to be funny, you may do that in a way that hurts other people’s feelings, or come off as negative,” O’Brien said. “But, if your goal is just to have fun that’s an easier bar to reach and isn’t a lofty goal that just translates to the audience better anyway. So, that ‘fun over funny’ idea is something we strive for and something we’ll continue to do going forward.”

As part of moving forward, there will be growth in content, and continuation of revenues through merchandise sales, but a bigger piece is in the works.

Licensing. We’re in a landscape where everyone is looking for rich content. And we’re producing content that we’ve been lucky enough to have an audience built-in” so that will be attractive to partners. The combination of various channels – content, merchandise, and licensing – are all verticals that Jomboy Media will look to expand on.

As to whether O’Brien envisioned everything taking off as fast as it has with Jomboy Media, he’s remained level-headed about it.

“We never set expectations too high,” he said. “I don’t like setting goals because we’ve pivoted so many times. You set a goal and maybe overshot it in six months. While there’s more structure and planning in what we’re doing now, we’re on the ride and just letting it go in the direction it’s taking us.”


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