Moz launches Competitive Research Suite with Keyword Gap

The Competitive Research Suite surfaces top search competitors and pinpoints strategic keyword and content opportunities to help outrank them.

Moz, a leader in search engine optimization technology, today announced the launch of its Competitive Research Suite with Keyword Gap, a new tool that surfaces competitors’ top keywords and pieces of content. The tool works alongside the previously-announced True Competitor tool and is now out of beta.

Keyword Gap will allow users to enhance their search engine results page (SERP) visibility by presenting keywords their domain is ranking for but could improve; keywords their competitors are ranking for that they aren’t; and top pieces of content and keywords contributing to competitors’ strong rankings. A new metric called Traffic Lift will be displayed with the identified keywords, showing the traffic users could receive if they overtake their competitors for a specific keyword.

“Marketers often have tunnel vision when it comes to the competition, stuck in outdated offline battles over vanity. Even SEOswho watch the changing search results every day, can be overwhelmed by data dumps of every company, product, and piece of content they’re competing against,” said Dr. Pete Meyers, Marketing Scientist at Moz. “Our Competitive Research Suite cuts through the noise, revealing your real online rivals, showing exactly where they’re competing with you, and arming you with the keywords and content you need to succeed.”

The Competitive Research Suite’s other tool, True Competitor, can be used in conjunction with Keyword Gap. After True Competitor identifies up to 25 of a website’s competitors, those results (up to three competitor domains) can be imported over to Keyword Gap, where the keyword analysis will begin.

“Moz’s Competitive Research Suite was instrumental to our client’s search strategy. We pinpointed their competitors’ rival sites and compared keywords to uncover opportunities for improvement,” said Kathy GrunditzManager Brand Strategy at One North. “Especially useful is the Ranking Distribution graph in Keyword Gap. It’s a simple, visual way to emphasize the need for more robust keyword strategies.”

In addition to the new suite of tools in Moz Pro, Moz Academy has launched a brand-new Competitive Analysis Certification. The six-part certification will train SEOs on how to build a comprehensive competitive strategy. Following the on-demand coursework and tasks to check understanding, students will take a final exam and be awarded a certificate and LinkedIn badge.

The Competitive Research Suite is now live within Moz Pro for all customers, and the certification is available for purchase via Moz Academy. To learn more about the Competitive Research Suite and Competitive Analysis Certification, please visit

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