Bartlesville enters new stage in planning for future

City of Bartlesville leaders have entered a new stage of the months-long process of reassessing its mission, values ​​and organizational practices.

The City Strategic Plan, a project undertaken by city staff and consultant Arizona-based Mejorando Group, has culminated in a preliminary draft of the final document, created by the city project team using public input from more than 800 Bartlesville residents.

The city team, which includes Bartlesville Mayor Dale Copeland, City Manager Mike Bailey and five city department directors, will continue to hone the document in a process expected to be complete by June 22.

In developing the plan, the team has carefully considered the extensive public input collected and analyzed by Mejorando Group, Bailey said in a statement. Public input identified the strengths and challenges facing the community — with challenges including the need for more entertainment options, which can be addressed through economic development.

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