Should you make a career in mass communication? Prospects and trends in the age of digitalization

Choosing the right career path after school is one of the most important decisions for students as well as their parents. It is not only important to identify the viable undergraduate program but also choose the desired path by understanding the latest industry trends. When it comes to the decision-making, there is a group of students who are very clear about their future goals but at the same time, there are some students influence who either take their decision at the last minute or go under the of their friends . Therefore, it is critical to choose the right industry which has an exponential growth as well as providing the best employment options.

Communication is one such section that has witnessed tremendous growth during the pandemic because of the technological advancements. From online communication to digital payments, email outreach to online entertainment, customer acquisition to online user experience, the conventional method of communication has transformed into a more personalized yet targeted form of communication.

For information, entertainment, the latest updates, Gen Z and Millennials heavily rely on digital innovations.

Should you make a career in mass communication? Prospects and trends in the age of digitalization

According to a recent study in Deloitte

Insights the entertainment sector has largely evolved from the perspective of content creation and content consumption. The study added that the function of social media acts as a news and entertainment aggregator, as well as the implications of this on advertising and public trust. Advertisers are trying hard to create relatable as well as engaging content. Looking to the future, students who plan to study in the field of communication have ample opportunities to look up to.

With the introduction of new tools, it is changing the needs of consumers. With the improvement in the quality and accessibility of digital media, the future of digital media looks promising. In the future, the advent of influencer marketing, mobile journalism, virtual reality gaming, augmented reality experience, and the more precise use of data analytics will all have an impact on the way that digital media is consumed.

Should you make a career in mass communication? Prospects and trends in the age of digitalization

Scope and opportunities in journalism and mass communication:

Mobile Journalism

Because of the widespread availability of mobile devices nowadays, digital storytelling has evolved to include a new workflow for mobile journalism. Since most contemporary mobile devices have the capacity to film, edit, and broadcast all on the same device, the ease with which content can be shared on social media platforms, citizen journalism has risen in popularity in recent years.

Social Media Marketing

For the people who enjoy creating and sharing content on social media along with expanding a community, then it proves to be a great career option where marketers juggle between new algorithms to master, and new trends to try to incorporate into your brand’s narrative.

Data Analytics

Data is turning out to be an asset these days. Data Analytics has helped in emracing the creating ample of public relation opportunities. From measuring the outcome of a campaign to providing user-friendly experience on multiple digital tools, Professionals have gathered the information which can assist advertisers and PR Professionals in refining the message and gaining in-depth insight.

Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual Reality Gaming allows gamers to connect and communicate with one another within the game world, which is drawing more youngsters and gamers resulting in fueling the market’s growth.

Content Creation and Strategy

Content Creators are highly in demand not only for social media but also for Brand’s marketing on various platforms. A content creator is not only responsible for promotion of content but also needs to have an eye for thinking and producing new content on an everyday basis.

Should you make a career in mass communication? Prospects and trends in the age of digitalization

OTT Platforms

One of the latest and emerging trends in the streaming industry is OTT Platform. Plenty of opportunities in OTT Platforms include storytellers, video editors, marketers, content producers, transcriptions to name a few.

Website Designing and Web Development

Role of a website designer is to create images, icons, logos, and other brand components for businesses in order to reflect the company’s digital business identity on the internet whereas website developers are responsible for web development for global exposure.


Companies or advertising agencies commission illustrators to create illustrations in order to attract more consumers and make a favorable impact on their target audiences. To pursue a career as an illustrator, you must possess a creative mind and a passion for art. If you want to have a successful career as an artist, you might consider taking a specialty degree in illustration and graphics design.

Public Relations Professional

Brands are more exposed to disinformation because of the volume of information that is easily available. Public Relation professionals assists in the monitoring and dissemination of information for a brand and manages its reputation online and offline. The attitudes and opinions of its audience about a certain brand can have a significant impact on its success.

Writing and Publishing

From writing for E-Books, E-Magazine, Websites, there are a plethora of opportunities in content writing, storytelling, and information dissemination. From technical writers to SEO friendly writing, fictional writing to news writing, ample of options are there based ok skills and interest area.

Authored by Samiksha Jain, Assistant Professor, Amity University

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