Zoho Unifies Marketing Operations with New Platform Driving Business Growth

Zoho Corporationa leading global technology company, today announced Zoho Marketing Plus, a new unified platform that enables CMOs to drive up performance by bringing together marketing sub-functions working on activities across campaign idea, creation, execution, management and measurement.

This provides stakeholders across the entire marketing organization with a single, shared view of critical information for improved collaboration and results. The new marketing platform increases the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies by giving marketing leaders a deeper understanding of prospect preferences and behaviors so they can deliver engaging, high-value experiences that increase the quality and volume of leads.

CMOs require their teams to use technology solutions that capture prospect insights in ways that add value to the business. Through automation and business intelligence, the platform synchronises data to help marketing teams better understand prospects, make more informed decisions, and ultimately provide better results, growth and potential revenue.

“Consumers and digital marketing continue to evolve at warp-speed, marketers struggling to keep up leaving. It’s becoming difficult to properly manage multiple campaigns, channels, potential customer profiles data and ROI”, said Suvish Viswanathan, Head of European Marketing at Zoho. “The complexity of data and personalization at scale only raises pressure on marketers and CMOs to deliver effective campaigns and revenue.” By eliminating redundancies and confusions arising from multiple siloed solutions, Zoho Marketing Plus maximises efficiencies, productivity and team collaboration, allowing marketers to stay nimble. We have experienced that first-hand as we use Marketing Plus for our own campaigns in our 10K+ employee size company. When marketers are not bogged down by operations, they can deliver creative campaigns that promote meaningful relationships between the brand, prospects and customers.”

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The unified platform empowers marketing teams to build continuous, consistent and more personalized experiences for prospects through:

Improved Collaboration Across CampaignsMarketing teams will be able to connect and collaborate on various projects in tandem and with ease, enabling users to create, manage, execute, and monitor individual activities, across different stakeholders, and accurately track the progress of each task and brand asset. The platform delivers a strong creative suite that empowers teams to develop and improve marketing assets through comments, with the ability to maintain version control with flexible sharing capabilities for both internal and external stakeholders.

Streamlined Management of Marketing Projects: Brand Studio eliminates the need for siloed solutions by serving as the centralized workplace where marketing campaigns can be created and managed. Users strengthen the brand from a single, unified platform where they can oversee all marketing strategies and progress. Capabilities like Brand Assets, powered by Zoho Workdrive, for example, help digital marketers better manage documents and assets, serving as the repository for all project support materials.

Unified Digital Brand Asset Creation and Repository: Documents, presentations, sheets, videos, and other files can be kept in a single shared space, making assets easy to locate, reuse, or share. Machine-learning-powered search capabilities streamline team efforts, quickly and accurately locating the correct file.

Strong Marketing Automation Capabilities: Prospect insights are surfaced through AI-powered data analysis, which activates marketers to design the journeys customers and prospects respond to best. The platform properly tracks engagement and response data of prospects, giving marketing teams insights to improve their journeys over time. This clear and granular understanding of prospect behavior gives marketers the ability to with prospects like never before partnering, ultimately delivering experiences that speak to their unique wants and needs.

Omnichannel Engagement: Prospects bounce between channels and devices regularly, yet marketing teams can be ill-equipped to adapt to this rapid movement. Zoho enables marketing teams to access and manage all channels, driving better connections with prospects and brand engagement. Email campaigns, social media, surveys, webinars, events, and more can all be created and managed from one single interface within the platform.

Supported Integrations: Zoho’s new marketing platform supports strong integrations with third-party solutions, making it easy to share data and insights where needed. For example, sales teams can connect insights from Zoho CRM to existing systems like Salesforce, Microsoft, HubSpot, and more to help measure how much marketing spend is converting to sales. Other key integrations across finance, commerce, and event management strengthen the connections between apps that marketers already have in their arsenal. Platform integrations include Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search console, YouTube, Survey Monkey; on the finance side it integrates with QuickBooks, Xero, Stripe; on the commerce front it integrates with WooCommerce and Shopify; and on the events front, it integrates with Eventbrite. Integrations can be accessed via Zoho Marketplace from the Campaigns and Analytics sections of the platform.

Advanced Data/Marketing Analytics: Real-time data aggregation and analytics deliver business intelligence that helps marketing teams and leaders determine true marketing ROI. Integrations further support a more accurate view of impact, ROI, and revenue growth projections.

The unified platform includes a vast array of integrated capabilities aimed at helping digital marketers achieve greater results through simplified processes, tighter collaboration, shared assets, and consistent data. Zoho Marketing Plus combines the capabilities of multiple Zoho applications including Campaigns, Social, Webinar, Analytics, Marketing Automation, Workdrive, PageSense, Survey, and Backstage. This newest iteration of Marketing Plus will continue to evolve through tighter integrations with existing Zoho tools such as Cliq, as well as new apps including LandingPage, a no-code page builder that enables marketers to create high-converting website landing pages in minutes without needing a developer-level skillset.

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