Brewer students use multimedia skills

May 13—Every day is full of activity at Brewer High, from humorous moments to sports events, and two junior students capture it all as they records of a YouTube talk show they host.

Caden Childers and Kaleb Hall operate the television show and do all videography, production, voice-over work and scriptwriting on their own.

“The first episode we did in the first week of school, we called it ‘Get Crafty.’ It was a birdhouse-building contest, and students had to build a birdhouse within a certain amount of time,” Childers said.

He and Hall organized the competition.

Hall said, “All competitive events like that, it was between each grade. We would always get two people from each grade to compete.”

The school has a rich history of TV production and their talk show, now called “Patriot TV,” dates back to the 1990s. Arts and AV (audio-visual) instructor April Childers, Caden’s mother, said her students will feature clips of past shows as part of their broadcasts next school year as part of Brewer’s 50th anniversary.

“We’ll definitely include some of the school’s history and things like that,” April Childers said.

The talk show predates her Arts and AV class, which has been in existence for three years. She was involved with the talk show herself when she was a student at Brewer High.

“I was the host of the show in 1997 and back then it was called, ‘Good Morning BHS,'” April Childers said.

In her class, students learn everything from graphic design, marketing, and advertising to TV production. She said learning those skills will benefit students in whatever career they decide to pursue.

“Even if students choose to not pursue this career pathway in the future, they will still gain invaluable multimedia experience that they can use in many other aspects,” April Childers said.

Childers said “Patriot TV” is not part of her Arts and AV class, but both the show and training on production software will be included in her Intro to TV Production and Advanced Production classes that she will be teaching next year. Students from her AV class have been featured on “Patriot TV” as guest hosts this year.

This is Caden Childers’ and Hall’s first year in the class and they produced and anchored every segment of the show this school year. Their content has spanned from comedic situations around the school to sports and they have even covered professional sports.

“We talked about the Braves winning the World Series in one of our broadcasts this year,” Caden Childers said.

Hall and Caden Childers decided to model their talk show format after the comedy group “Dude Perfect” and YouTube sensation Danny Duncan.

“I make a short little intro where I introduce some clips,” Hall said. “I get that from Danny Duncan. It’s just like a quick 30-second compilation of some stuff.”

Hall has been editing videos since he was young and uses DaVinci Resolve software as opposed to Adobe Premiere Pro for editing.

“I’ve always used DaVinci Resolve because it’s free. I don’t want to have to pay for Premiere Pro,” Hall said. “It’s very similar to Premiere Pro.”

When Hall and Caden Childers walk through Brewer’s campus in search of stories, Hall is equipped with his own Sony A6400 digital camera and a pivoted support for the camera to rotate about an axis.

“For the (microphone), I just use my phone,” Hall said.

Hall displays his advanced editing techniques in their videos by audio splicing and quickly editing images within the segment.

As part of the Arts and AV class, April Childers helps students get certified using Adobe software, and Caden Childers is working to get certified for Adobe Premiere Pro.

Caden Childers said even though they only cover events surrounding Brewer High, students from schools outside of Morgan County are subscribed to their YouTube channel, BHS Patriot TV.

“We actually have people from other schools that watch this,” he said. “We’re actually friends with a girl from Blount County. That’s like an hour away and they watch it.”

Hall and Caden Childers have 76 subscribers on their YouTube page and have 11 videos posted. April Childers said they will post their latest video in a few weeks, where Caden and Hall provide a summary of all spring sports.

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