How to Create an Ebook With Visme

Ebooks come in all shapes and sizes, and so do the services that help you create them. Visme is one of the best platforms to design a digital book, as well as other products perfect for marketing, work presentations, job applications, and more.

But let’s focus on ebooks for now. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make one with Visme. It’s not completely free, so take a look at your options and decide whether it’s the right platform for you.

1. Find the Ebook Templates

On the Visme homepage, you’ll find lots of tools to keep you busy. If you specifically want to create an ebook, go to Templates > Ebooks.

You can then choose the style you’re trying to go for.

2. Choose a Template or Start With a Blank One

Visme offers templates for different types of projects. If you’re a chef, fashion designer, event planner, or marketing executive, the fundamentals of your ebook are ready and waiting. Keep in mind that, while fiction writers could adapt it to their needs, Visme is more for publishing professional ebooks.

You can preview the available styles, including their contents and dimensions. If you find something you like, just click Use Template and you’ll jump into the ebook editor.

You also have the option to start from scratch. To use a blank template, go to Create > Documents and click the Create your free document button. You’ll need to sign in or create a new account. Then, a different display of templates will appear with Blank Template among them. Click on its Edit button to start creating your ebook.


Another feature you might like in this dashboard is the Custom Size tab. Here, you can choose between common dimensions or specify the size of your book. Either way, you’ll end up on a blank template.

3. Add and Edit Your Ebook Features

Let’s assume you chose a pre-designed template. Visme’s editor displays its existing pages on one side of your dashboard and an array of tools on the other.

The Editing Tools

The first step in making the ebook your own is deciding what you need to change. You can right-click on any part of the template to open a menu of options, like Edit Text, Arrangeand Duplicate. If you left-click, you select the item. At the same time, small taskbars pop up with different tools for images, text boxes, and grouped objects.

In addition to copy-pasting or flipping elements around, you can adjust their appearance and add actions that trigger when someone clicks on them.

Features to Add

On the left side of the dashboard is everything you can embellish your book with—and there’s a lot to choose from. If you like simple platforms, you’re better off creating ebooks on Canva. However, if you love having plenty of smart tools at your disposal, Visme is your best bet.

In the Basics tab, for example, you have elements and groupings you’d normally find in professional documents. These include:

  • Header and text combinations
  • Graphics and text
  • Font pairings
  • Calls to action
  • Diagrams

If you prefer to add individual objects, you have everything from text boxes and data representations to icons, videos, and audio. You can even connect Visme to other apps, so you can import files, improve your workflow, and collaborate with your team better.

4. Work and Chat With Collaborators Before Publishing

Visme is an ebook creator, but it’s also a collaboration tool. Just being able to link up apps like Slack, Livestorm, and Google Analytics can make a huge difference to your work.

Now, how do you invite people to a particular project? It only takes a few clicks in your ebook editor.

At the top of your dashboard are different tools, including the document’s users. Your initials and email address are there as the owner and right beside that is a plus icon. Clicking on that icon or your name’s button opens the Share Online page. Here, you can send invites and choose whether people can view, comment, or edit.

Another option is to copy a link and give it to collaborators so they can access the project. Depending on who you’re working with—team members, publisher, graphic designer—choose the best settings for the occasion.

You can even talk to each other through comments. Just leave one anywhere in your Visme canvas and your collaborators can reply, quickly and easily.

5. Download or Share Your Ebook

This is where Visme’s free tools come to an end. In general, you can download documents to your device or any popular file storage app in PDF, JPG, PNG, PowerPoint, HTML 5, MP4, or GIF formats. High resolution is also available.

If you want to share your ebook straight away, the system is the same as above. Invite readers or give them a link. You can even publish the document online or embed it on your website for extra effective marketing.

Unfortunately, these features alongside perks like 3GB of storage, advanced designing tools, no watermarks, and 24/7 customer support are only for premium users. You can choose between a personal or business account, each at a reasonable subscription and with no limits to your creative process.

If you’re part of a team and you need to download or share projects, you could upgrade one member’s account and get all the files from there. Any free accounts will only be able to create, edit, and comment on documents.

This hurdle might make creating ebooks with Microsoft Word, for example, more appealing, especially because of the freedom on its online platform. So, think carefully about how much you’re willing to invest in your ebook and what tools you need to design it properly.

Create Professional Ebooks With Visme

What ebook design service is best for you? There are so many apps and platforms around that the most productive first step is to learn about as many as possible while setting your goals and budget.

Visme is one of the most efficient online platforms for creating professional ebooks, but it’s not completely free. If that throws a wrench in your plans, look for tools that charge nothing or, at the very least, let you download basic files.

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