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SCAPE is a landscape architecture and urban design practice headquartered in New York with offices in New Orleans and San Francisco. We design and advocate for the ecologically restorative and socially engaged landscapes, urban environments, and natural infrastructure of the future.

Our staff of over 90 individuals includes landscape architects, urban planners, architects, ecological designers, horticulturists, and community engagement professionals—and a deep bench of technical expertise related to construction, regulation and agency review. We work across disciplines, collaborating with architects, developers, engineers, foundations, agencies, institutions, and grassroots environmental justice and community groups on projects across scales.


The Marketing Coordinator is a critical role within the Marketing Team at SCAPE. We are seeking a candidate with a minimum of two (2) years of experience working in a marketing and/or business development team in the design field. This candidate is highly organized; possesses excellent skills in Adobe InDesign (a must); has a working familiarity of the RFP/Q response process; brings strong writing skills with the ability to translate key design themes into narrative content, with an exacting eye for detail; and works well in a team environment, bringing a self-motivated, problem-solving attitude.

The Marketing Team currently consists of a Senior Business Development Manager, a Senior Communications Manager, and another Marketing Coordinator—collectively overseen by the Managing Principal. This role will primarily support the Senior Business Development Manager, providing additional support to the Senior Communications Manager on an as-needed/as-available basis established during weekly staffing calls.

The Marketing Coordinator will bring efficiency to both the “front” and “back end” of business development—helping maintain an up-to-date, well-organized cache of marketing materials that describe our existing portfolio while also crafting thoughtful, graphically-compelling materials in the pursuit of new work.


This role is based in either our New York headquarters or our New Orleans office. Applications are also accepted for our new San Francisco office, but candidates based in New York or New Orleans are highly preferred.


  • The Marketing Coordinator will assist at all levels of the proposal (RFP/Q response) process, including:
  • Reviewing RFP/Q briefs and drafting summaries for Principal review/Go-No Go decisions;
  • Managing proposal documents—laying out visually-compelling, well-edited proposals in Adobe InDesign for diverse project pursuits;
  • Coordinating among subconsultant teams—running point on correspondence and materials requests for often large and multi-disciplinary teams of peer firms and collaborators;
  • Drafting interview decks—laying out visually-compelling presentation decks for the interview process;
  • Coordinating review and edits—administering a timely review process with the SCAPE Principal Team and collaborators, entering edits and maintaining an orderly file structure;
  • Drafting original proposal materials (as needed)—including tailored project descriptions, approach/project understanding text, and other first-draft text for baseline use;
  • Coordinating the submission of print and digital proposals—including work with local printers to meet document specifications and timely delivery to meet hard deadlines.

The Marketing Coordinator will also maintain (and, if needed, draft original copies of) SCAPE’s marketing materials, including:

  • Cutsheets (ie, project summaries that include a description, key graphics/imagery, and supplementary project information);
  • Resumes and headshots;
  • Firm portfolios and promotional booklets;
  • Overall file management (ie, maintaining and updating graphics, photos, text, and other files/reference materials on the marketing drive).

Other work in support of the Marketing Team and Principal Team may be assigned on an as-needed basis (including, but not limited to: coordinating lectures and special events, putting together awards submissions, making website updates, creating digital media, and other tasks ). However, these secondary tasks will be staffed with both of the Senior Managers to ensure the appropriate time is available.


A successful candidate will possess:

  • A Bachelor’s degree or higher;
  • A minimum of two (2) years of experience working in a marketing and/or business development team in the design field or a related discipline;
  • Proficiency in Adobe InDesign (a must)—specifically the formatting of print/digital materials, with an eye for graphic design;
  • Experience leading RFP/Q responses, including the production of draft proposals and presentations in Adobe InDesign, courteous and timely coordination among subconsultants, and related tasks;
  • Excellent writing skills, with a strong attention to detail and understanding of audience and context;
  • General knowledge and interest in the design field, including landscape architecture, urban planning/design, architecture, engineering, and related disciplines (ie, real estate and economic development);
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills—especially the ability to balance near-term (“high tide”) tasks requiring action with longer-term (“low tide”) initiatives requiring consistent follow-up;
  • Strong relationship management skills, including the ability to “manage up” and facilitate a streamlined proposal process amid busy schedules.


Though not required, the ideal candidate may also possess:

  • Experience managing/tracking a business development pipeline (via CRM software or another method);
  • Digital photography/videography skills and an eye for visual composition;
  • Experience research and writing project approaches and/or preliminary scope texts;
  • Aptitude at social media (ie, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook), especially narrative/interactive content;
  • Additional Adobe software skills (ie, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, etc.), especially photo/video editing;
  • Basic graphic design skills (ie, the ability to compose simple diagrams such as site maps, organizational charts, and graphic schedules).


Please submit your resume, cover letter, and work sample here.

Applications are due by May 21st at 6 PM EST.

You may contact with questions, but please review these instructions in detail before reaching out.

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