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“I’ve created this high-level course so anyone can confidently land a job in digital marketing and enjoy a lucrative, flexible, and stimulating career while raising your family.” Full Story

Amazing opportunity: Registration now open for ODEO Academy’s digital marketing online course. Ideal for those interested in a flexible, well-paying & fulfilling career {Limited time only}

The exorbitant – and rising – costs of living in the frum world means that finding a well-paying job is a necessity for both men and women. Unfortunately, many in the frum community are missing out on one of the most lucrative and flexible career options available today: the digital marketing career path.

Professor Danny Gavin, the acclaimed digital marketing expert and educator, is on a mission to change this.

“Every business is desperate to improve their online presence, therefore digital marketing is a thriving, burgeoning industry with demand exceeding supply. It’s an ideal career option for frum men or women who want to earn well without compromising on being available for their families. Digital marketing offers a whole new range of options for people who are looking for a flexible, enjoyable, and lucrative career – without having to study further or work for low-pay while gaining experience,” explains Gavin.

Gavin is the owner of a successful digital marketing company Optidge. He also teaches the popular foundational digital marketing course to MBA students at the University of Houston. He’s passionate about opening up the world of digital marketing to newbies.

“Many of my university students entered my class confused about what career they wanted to pursue, or were unhappy with their current career path. They wanted to use both sides of the brain: right-brain creativity and left-brain problem solving and strategy. After my course, they found their calling. They now work in digital marketing in agencies, corporates or run their own businesses.”

After seeing the success of his university students, Gavin launched ODEO Academy: a comprehensive, foundational online digital marketing course that transforms novices into skilled digital marketers over the course of 4 months.

“I’ve created this high-level course (which you otherwise can only access at Graduate level) so anyone can confidently land a job in digital marketing – and enjoy a lucrative, flexible and stimulating career while raising your family.”

Danny emphasizes that you don’t need a college degree to succeed in the field. Nor do you need to be exceptionally creative, logical, or mathematical.

“If you’re curious, hard-working, and willing to learn new things, you will excel in digital marketing,” says Gavin. “All you need is a solid grasp of the fundamentals plus a strong portfolio to get a foot in the door. ODEO Academy provides both – plus much more.”

ODEO launched in April 2021 with a small cohort of 7 individuals. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

“The majority of studnets had zero background in digital or marketing. They were from all walks of life: single, married with little kids and divorced. Many left the course blazing with excitement about the stimulating field they’d discovered they could excel in. The amazing thing is how many different paths you can go in once you have the fundamental skills. You can go the creative route, the analytical route or combine them both depending on your talents and interests. You can work for a company or do freelance work to supplement your existing income or generate a new income.”

  1. F. from Lakewood, NJ, had a respectable job in medical billing. She knew nothing about digital marketing before joining ODEO Academy.

“I was doing medical billing, earning decent money and had great managers. But I was feeling burnt out. One day I thought: I can’t do this forever. I want to look back and feel like I used my time. I don’t want to passively go through life and then cry about it.

I had no idea how interesting and stimulating digital marketing is. As soon as I graduated from ODEO, I got a job doing SEO for a real estate company (I actually found it in the course itself). I never imagined I was capable of leaving my job for something I’m so passionate about in such a short amount of time,” exclaims HF

ODEO Academy has one goal: that students walk away with the ability to succeed in the industry. As such, ODEO is a completely immersive experience that turns graduates into skilled confident digital marketers. It achieves this through 4 key components:

  • High-level, engaging, and crystal-clear content
  • Weekly graded challenges, quizzes, and assignments to put the theory into practice
  • A vibrant online community, along with weekly live interaction to ask questions and receive guidance
  • In-depth final project with a real business, giving graduates a solid portfolio to use to find a job.

Another key perk is an ODEO’s partnership with Acadium. Acadium connects ODEO graduates with a vetted business owner for a 3-month completely remote, completely free apprenticeship. Apprentices gain experience in digital marketing through one-on-one mentorship, hands-on experience, and real-world projects for their business.

If you’re a high-school graduate, recently married, or are looking for a new career path to support your growing family, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

ODEO Academy

  1. Men track. Start May 17, 2022.
  2. Women’s only track. Starts May 15, 2022.

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PS ODEO hosted a FREE Q&A session with recent graduates and Shaina Keren where we explored digital marketing as an ideal career for frum men or women. You can catch the recording here.

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