Web Consultants Share 4 Design & Content Tips to Grow Conversions [DesignRush QuickSights]

Good design boosts a website’s conversion rate by up to 200%

A study from Forrester Research reveals that good design increases a website’s conversion rate by up to 200%. Yotpo, on the other hand, shares that user generated content boosts conversions by an average of 161% across different industries. It suggests that design and content play a big role in driving website conversions.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, leveraged its 13,000-agencies-strong network for quick insights – or “QuickSights” – on the design and content tips to grow website conversions.


Daniel Houle, owner of Azuro Digital, suggests that designers should particularly pay attention to consistent spacing and balanced alignment to create designs that convert website visitors.

“Designers often overlook the importance of consistent spacing and balanced alignment throughout a website,” said Houle. “Even if you use the best colors/fonts, the coolest animations and the most impressive motion effects, the entire design can easily be destroyed by inconsistent or poor spacing/alignment. […] If you don’t have enough spacing between the different sections on your website, it will look crammed and will overwhelm the visitor.”


According to Bhavana Pandey, founder & chief content strategist at Wytti, businesses should develop content that solves customers’ pain points because it helps build trust.

“Good content, instead of talking about the product or the service, talks about the lives and pain points of the customers,” said Pandey. “Where the goal of advertising is to trigger a transaction, the goal of content marketing is to build long-term trust. Transactions follow trust.”

Ursh Richards, founder & web architect at Web Team Adelaide, agrees and shares that businesses should create content with their customers in mind.

“For each piece of content you put out, have a specific person in mind who you think it would really resonate with or help,” said Richards.


Be Aligned Web Design Owner Erin Neumann believes that businesses should focus on writing professional copy to guide customers to convert.

“Hands down, the best way to convert visitors to clients is through professionally written copy,” said Neumann. “This is because we draw the visitor in with the design but we convert them with the copy. While the overall look and feel of a site will catch a visitor’s eye, it’s the written words that ultimately get them to take action.”


As stated by Larry Morroni, managing principal at Media Proper, businesses should take advantage of site analytics, see the best-performing content and CTAs to implement these pages to increase conversions.

“One active SEO trick we utilize is to review site analytics and determine what pieces of content attract the most visits,” said Morroni. “We then go back [to] those posts and add relevant inline CTAs to more effectively capture and convert visitors. These can be done as call-out quotes, “banner ads” or buttons.”

DesignRush released the May list of the best web design companies that can help businesses increase their credibility and improve conversions.

1. Azuro Digital – azurodigital.com

Expertise: Web Design, Web Development, SEO and more

2. BreezeMaxWeb® – breezemaxweb.com

Expertise: Web Design, eCommerce Web Design, Web Hosting and more

3. Incorpmedia – incorpmedia.com

Expertise: Web Design, SEO, Copywriting and more

4. Wytti – wytti.com

Expertise: Web Design, Web Development, Content Strategy Development and more

5. Web Team Adelaide – webteamadelaide.com.au

Expertise: Web Design, Web Development, SEO and more

6. dJolt – jolt.co

Expertise: Web Design, SEO, Content Writing and more

7. Be Aligned Web Design – bealignedwebdesign.com

Expertise: Web Design, SEO, Copywriting and more

8. Digital Startup – digitalstartup.in

Expertise: Web Design, Web Development, eCommerce Solutions and more

9. Media Proper – mediaproper.com

Expertise: Web Design, Web Hosting, Web Maintenance and more

10. PB+J – addpbj.com

Expertise: Web Design, UI/UX Design, Graphic Design and more

11. Crafted Studios – craftedstudios.co

Expertise: Web Design, Web Development, SEO and more

12. Omega 3 Design – omega3design.co.uk

Expertise: Graphic Design, Web Design, Brand Identity and more

13. Digital Systems – digital-systems.ca

Expertise: Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development and more

14. Storm Brain – stormbrain.com

Expertise: Web Design, Managed Website Hosting, UI/UX Design and more

15. Alt Creative – alt-creative.com

Expertise: Web Design, Web Development, Consulting and more

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