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Uncertain about your career options? Low on self-confidence? This Q&A column may help

Uncertain about your career options? Low on self-confidence? This Q&A column may help

I am 25 years old and have completed MA in Human Rights and a PG Diploma in Rural Development. I have already invested one year in preparing for the civil services but have not been successful. I am thinking of shifting my focus towards the Development sector. What are my options, if any? – Imtiaz

Dear Imtiaz,

The development sector offers challenges to those who are looking to improve complex social issues facing our nation. So you need to be passionate yet practical and innovative in providing solutions. The development sector is divided into funding NGOs (foreign or Indian), grassroots functioning, and implementation NGOs that are usually local. Your options across large organization could be across Organization Strategy, People Management, Communication and Engagement, Financial Management, Organization Design and Development, Program Design and Management, CSR Management, Fund Raising and Partnerships, Stakeholder Engagements.

I finished MA Political Science in 2021. But now I have an interest in web and software development. How do I make the switch Would it be right to do this? – Shivam

Dear Shivam,

Web programmers, web coders, and web developers essentially make websites and keep them functional and interactive based on the designer’s and key stakeholder’s vison. What do you have an aptitude for? Is it User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Visual Design, Coding (HTML, CSS), Frontend web programming languages ​​and skills (JavaScript, Ajax, Animation), Backend web programming languages ​​(C#, Java, Ruby), or Design software like Photoshop and Sketch? Some skills that you need to develop are computer literacy, strong numeracy skills, creative ability, attention to detail, strong communication skills, excellent problem-solving skills, logical approach to work, ability to explain technical matters clearly, and a keen interest in technology . On-going self-learning though is key to staying updated with technological updates and advancement. It is also essential that you enroll yourself into a series of credible bootcamp courses to learn the nuances.

I’m a triple major graduate with Political Science, English, and Economics and am now interested in pursuing International Relations for my Master’s. However, I’m not interested in teaching or the Civil Services. I’d like to get a job in the corporate world (I’ve heard that IR graduates can get jobs in the banking sector). What are the other options? I’m also interested in pursuing an MBA later. – Kanishka

Dear Kanishka

There are many interesting job profiles for MA International Relations graduates. Banking and Accounting are possibilities across multilateral and intergovernmental organisations. Intelligence Specialist, Political Analyst, Lobbyist, Communication Specialist, International Development Consultant, Immigration Specialist are some other options.

I have completed my ME (CSE) and taught for four years. My passion is sports and Yoga. Are there any courses for yoga? Are there any suitable government job opportunities? Manjula

Dear Manjula,

Please visit The Ministry of Ayush runs the Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga (MDNIY), New Delhi, to impart training and education in Yoga. You could study here and then work there as a trainer/faculty. Alternatively, if you already know yoga and are a certified teacher from a reputed school/lineage, you can apply as an instructor/yoga teacher/assistant professor to any of the openings at -instructor-jobs.There are part-time and full-time opportunities available.

Disclaimer: This column is simply a guiding voice and provides advice and suggestions on education and careers.

The writer is a practicing counsellor and a trainer. Send your questions to with the subject line ‘Off the edge


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