Retro Cargasm — A 1970 Chevelle SS — Kinda | Kurt Dillon

There’s a company based out of Tallahassee, Fl turning nostalgic muscle car dreams into mouth-watering reality for classic muscle car enthusiasts — like me

Image by Trans Ams Worldwide

Meet the 70/SS.

That’s what the folks at Trans-Am Worldwide are calling it anyway. This incredible car company, (absolutely no affiliate marketing going on here by the way- they just build awesomeness) based out of Tallahassee, Fl has been granted the exclusive worldwide rights to use the General Motors brand names, logos, and trademarks to be the only global manufacturer of everything — Trans-Am; Right down to the symbolic decals and emblems of the now-defunct Pontiac car division.

How devoted are the sibling founders of TAW, Tod and Scott Warmack to the their craft? Here, it’s probably best if I show you, rather than tell you.

‘Bandit’ Edition Trans Am Video featuring Burt Reynolds

That’s right, in honor of the 1977 Trans Am used to make Smokey and the Bandit, the brothers Warmack decided to reinvent the wheel — all four of them in fact.

Though the standard chassis used to build these modern automotive marvels is based on the present-day Chevrolet Camaro, aside from only a few slight hints of its Chevy cousin’s physique, all similarity to a Camaro ends there.

No, these cars are different. They’re exciting; they’re raw. And while I could very easily get lost in my obvious lust for this Bandit Edition Tran-Am (I’ll be writing a completely separate piece on their Trans-Ams this weekend which you will not want to miss -a longer version of which will be published in August’s Car & Driver Magazine) this article isn’t about their Trans-Ams.

This article is about the Warmack brothers’ newest brainchild — the completely reimagined retro 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, heretofore renamed simply; the 70/SS!

Image by Trans Am Worldwide

Image by Trans Am Worldwide

Image by Trans Am Worldwide

Image by Trans Am Worldwide

Image by Trans Am Worldwide

Image by Trans Am Worldwide

Image by Trans Am Worldwide

Image by Trans Am Worldwide

Stop it– you’re drooling.

While the powerhouse Trans-Ams TAW pumps out are all built off of the current Camaro platform, we know that the platform base of the 70/SS is not. However, the company is also extremely hush-hush about what platform is being used.


If you’re in the market for a new set of wheels and, like me, have a passionate affinity for the classics, one of these bad boys starts at $150,000 and only goes up from there. Still, given the choice between buying one of today’s upper-middle-class luxury-sports cars, or one of these, I personally would go for one of these —just sayin‘.

As a long-tenured journalist with an affinity for classic muscle cars, I have published literally hundreds, if not over a thousand articles covering the release of new concepts like this one. Very few of them have ever viscerally affected me as this one did.

Here, I’ll end this article by sharing with you a scanned copy of the press release I received from TAW on May 9th:

Scanned image by author Kurt Dillon

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