Gen-Z Agency NinetyEight wins award for Best Social Media Influencer Campaign

NinetyEight wins Web Excellence Award for Best Social Media Influencer Campaign

The Gen-Z Agency continues to be recognized for their innovative campaigns on TikTok.

Gen-Z is willing to interact with brands that are able to meet and understand them as a generation.”

— Celine Chai, CEO, NinetyEight

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 27, 2022 / — NinetyEight, a Gen-Z Marketing Agency, has announced that they have been awarded the Web Excellence Award for Best Social Media Influencer Campaign for their work with IMVU, a social media metaverse app. This award adds to NinetyEight’s expanding repertoire of industry-leading work, while also signifying the growing need to reach Gen-Z in new, engaging ways.

“We’re honored to receive this award,” Celine Chai, CEO of NinetyEight, says, “Two years ago, running such a campaign—especially on TikTok—wouldn’t have been possible, much less an organic influence campaign. We’re happy IMVU was willing to take the chance with this campaign and show that Gen-Z is willing to interact with brands that are able to meet and understand them as a generation.”

NinetyEight’s work with IMVU successfully targeted Gen-Z’s with a strong fashion interest to join on the social media app and experiment with the limitless amount of clothes the social metaverse has to offer. Utilizing a plethora of influencers with diverse backgrounds and followings, IMVU was able to capture Gen-Z’s attention through 4 seasonal-themed influencer campaigns. NinetyEight in turn was able to boost IMVU’s brand affinity with Gen-Z, gaining them both followers on social media and new users onto the platform.

“We’re excited to continue to work with IMVU as well as continue to create effective influencer marketing campaigns for Gen-Z,” Chai says, “The landscape is definitely changing around Gen-Z, social media, and influencer marketing in general, and we’re happy to be an ever-growing piece of it.”

About NinetyEight
Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, NinetyEight LLC is a culturally-driven strategic impact agency built by and for Gen-Z. Founded in 2020 during the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic, NinetyEight’s sole mission is to make Gen-Zs understood. We focus on creating authentic relationships between Gen-Zs and brands – driving our generation’s voice to the forefront of digital marketing. Our team of Gen-Zs is culturally in-tune and constantly on the ground not just observing Gen-Z culture, but experiencing it as well. This along with our digital marketing and trends expertise allows us to create meaningful work for brands that resonate with and positively impact Gen-Z. Within a year, we have been recognized for our creativity and innovation as the Silicon Beach Startup of the Year by ThinkLA, a renowned advertising collective. NinetyEight has also received press coverage from Fortune Magazine, Yahoo News, Independent, Newsweek, Upworthy, and CampaignUS. Our current client roster includes PepsiCo, Fabletics, Paul Frank (under Futurity Brands), and IMVU.

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