How to Make your Email Marketing More Mobile-Friendly?

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Today, people use smartphones quite often. They utilize them for daily routine, watching the news, entertainment, and even work. It means that many prospects find out what is happening in the world with the help of apps and email notifications.

Notably, email marketing has been an effective method for businesses to connect with leads and offer goods and services. At the same time, modern technological shifts require to make their email marketing campaign entrepreneurs more mobile-friendly.

In this article, you will learn about the importance of the mobile email strategy, mobile-optimized emails, and how to make your email marketing for mobile devices more efficient.

What is a Mobile Email Strategy?

Before all, the mobile email strategy is concerned with how the company applies smartphone technology to invite prospects to the customer journey or engage with them. In this regard, the main task of the brands today is to see the trends and possibilities, and benefits from them.

For sure, the brands can utilize the advanced customer identity and access management systems or organize their CRMs specifically to apply mobile email marketing. For sure, it can be a great idea. Yet, it will work effectively if most of the audience constantly uses their smartphones for email checks. If not, you should consider the basics of email marketing and be flexible.

How to Optimize Email for Mobile?

It is crucial for the mobile mail marketing campaign to know the fundamental concepts of email marketing as well as the mobile marketing tactics that will make the email marketing experience pleasant for the users. What are they?


First of all, you have to make sure that your emails will be delivered to your recipients’ inboxes. It is one of the pillars of any email marketing campaign. Thus, you should have a proper domain rating, a healthy email list, and messages without spam. Many brands use lead magnets for attraction leads.

At the same time, B2B businesses may use email finders and verifiers to get quality email addresses. Here is one of them: In the end, the main goal of such an activity is to get the correct address to share an appealing message.

Message creation

The message is another critical factor influencing mobile marketing tactics. As the screens of smartphones are smaller, the perception of the text and offers can be different. Thus, marketers need to make the messages more direct and easy. Besides, the same applies to the subject lines in mobile optimized emails.

Email design

Lastly, the design of the email can be crucial for the deliverability and click-through rates. If some errors are made while adjusting the email templates for the mobile email campaigns, you may get into the spam box. Besides, the design affects the response rates and click-through rates.

As a result, the mobile email strategy depends mainly on the pillars applied in traditional email marketing. Simultaneously, the email marketer needs to consider mobile marketing tactics and use them adequately to succeed.

How to Make an Email Newsletter More Mobile Friendly

So as you may already guess, the mobile email strategy should follow specific rules. To optimize email for mobile devices, you should focus on the content, fonts, and design of the emails. The majority of mobile optimized emails are straightforward in their design and wording. In this regard, it is worth outlining the main mobile marketing tactics that can add to your strategy.

Make your messages short and clear

Importantly, you need to be understood by your clients. That’s why you, as a marketer, need to optimize email for mobile devices with a clear structure. Besides, you need to keep the messages short.

Why? That way, it is easier to keep the focus and underline the right things, making the message actionable.

Considering how people scroll the feed or the messages in the email app, you better engage with the readers by explicit CTAs. However, it is crucial that they are not pushy and over intrusive.

Work on the fonts

Among the mobile marketing tactics that work for email strategy is using adequate fonts. Many mobile optimized email templates incorporate big fonts. Why? The main reason behind applying them is that they add to the text making it understandable for the recipient. In particular, your email campaign’s font size may be from 12 to15 pixels, depending on the message. If you have a long piece of text, then a smaller size may be required.

As a result, when making your email marketing mobile-friendly, it is worth paying attention to how the text looks. Picking the large fonts is the safe option as they will be read well both on desktops and smartphones. Yet, make sure that they will not take the whole screen, bringing the confusion.

Reconsider design

Moreover, to make the emails look more simple, it is advised to use a single-column design. The explanation to use such a design in mobile optimized emails refers to greater simplicity that will allow engagement with the readers. That way, you will be able to get their attention and avoid reformatting your email by the recipient’s device.

Besides, if you decide to have an original email, you can think of adding specific codes so that IOS smartphones do not format your images. Mobile optimized emails depend on the HTML you use. It should not be complicated so that most of the systems could recognize it and not distort the design, harming the message. It as well refers to the images; the shift of the images within the structure can bring confusion.

Lastly, it is essential to do tests and send mobile-optimized emails to different groups. Some people will like larger fonts or more expressed CTA. Also, testing the subject lines is extremely important in email marketing for mobile users. As they would be even shorter than usual to fit the lock screen during notification sending, you should test different variants and pick the one that will be engaging enough.

Also, another option is to do research or polls among experts. You can find email addresses of the experts on LinkedIn and apply targeted outreach, sending a form to them.

The more testing you do, the more you will know about the efficiency of your campaigns.

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