I’m a Dollar General superfan

A DOLLAR General superfan insists you can get paid to shop by using a little-known trick.

Kati Kiefer, who prides herself in helping people save money, has explained how deals can be scored through the Dollar General secret savings.


Dollar General shoppers can utilize its secret savings, according to the store’s superfan
The overage from coupons can be used for any other item you're purchasing, Dollar General explains


The overage from coupons can be used for any other item you’re purchasing, Dollar General explainsCredit: AFP

The Money Saver’s top recommended Dollar General saving hack is getting paid to shop with the help of coupon overage.

Kati explains: “Getting paid to shop is an exhilarating experience that keeps us wanting to coupon some more. The official lingo is ‘overage’ but not every store allows it.

“Dollar General is one of the good ones for these types of Dollar General secret savings.

“They do allow for that overage to be applied to the rest of your purchases.”

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The money-saving guru describes the overage as when “the coupon value you are using to pay for an item exceeds the price of that item.”

For example, if someone uses a $1 manufacturer coupon to pay for something that is $0.99, the remaining penny is “overage,” Kati explains

The overage can be used for any other item you’re purchasing.

The Money Saver stressed the importance of learning a store’s specific policy before using your coupons =.

“We suggest bringing a printed copy of the Dollar General Coupon Policy with you to take into the store to help you keep saving money at Dollar General,” Kati adds.

Dollar General revised their Coupon Police as of September 2020.

In regards to coupon overage, the store’s website says: “Dollar General accepts coupons that have a face value that exceeds the price of the item to which the coupon applies.

“However, effective as of the most recent update to this policy, the discount received by the customer may not exceed the total pre-tax selling price (after all other discounts) of the item to which the coupon applies.”

As Dollar General works on converting its point of sales systems

Dollar General is in the process of converting its point of sale system, “customers in some stores may receive the full face value of a coupon even when it exceeds the pre-tax selling price of the applicable item,” the store’s website explains.

Restrictions may apply to coupon overages, for example, the overages are unable to be added to gift cards, pre-paid money cards, phone cards, alcohol, or tobacco.

Meanwhile, the dollar store chain is making a major new change – and the move will affect every customer.

Dollar General, a variety store company that has more than 18,000 locations across the US, is opening up approximately three stores a day, resulting in an additional 1,100 stores, according to Forbes.

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About 200 Dollar General stores across the nation will start advertising and positioning $1 products more strategically to customers this year and incorporating a significant change to the purchasing process.

The major change is that the retailer is testing self-checkout as the only way of making in-store purchases – a move that will allow employees to better assist customers.

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