InMobi expands partnership with Microsoft Advertising into South Africa

InMobi will offer marketers an integrated solution to power their campaigns built on the search and native display capabilities of Microsoft Advertising and the mobile ad-tech capability of InMobi’s advertising platforms.

InMobi and Microsoft have been in a strategic partnership since July 2018 to help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation by providing them with insights, audience and engagement platforms for a connected world.

The partnership was expanded in 2019 offering as InMobi added the Microsoft Advertising products and solutions to its in India.

Microsoft Advertising’s EMEA and LATAM vice president Mark Richardson says, “Microsoft Advertising is thrilled that InMobi will further expand its representation of our full suite of advertising offerings to strategic and enterprise clients in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa as part of our continuation to expand our sales and marketing efforts into this region.”

Microsoft Advertising offers advertising solutions that reach people across Microsoft properties including:

  • Bing
  • Microsoft News
  • Edge
  • Outlook, and
  • on partner sites like AOL and Yahoo.

Microsoft Advertising’s APAC vice president Nick Seckold says, “Over the last 2.5 years, InMobi has done a wonderful job establishing Microsoft Advertising’s Indian footprint while doubling revenue over the same period.”

Seckold adds, “InMobi’s extensive knowledge and expertise of the digital advertising ecosystem in India combined with their trusted client relationships has delivered significant growth despite the effects of the pandemic.”

“InMobi’s successful track record in India has led Microsoft Advertising to extend their coverage across Southeast Asia where they will be tasked with building close relationships with advertisers and agencies to grow the business in the region,” says Seckold.

As part of the expansion, Rohit Dosi, general manager at Microsoft Advertising business at InMobi, will take up additional responsibilities for growing the Microsoft Advertising business across Southeast Asia, the Middle East and African markets and leading the global relationship with Microsoft.

“The extended partnership between Microsoft Advertising and InMobi will enable marketers to deliver an unified brand experience to customers by bringing together the best of search and native display platforms across both organisations,” said Rohit Dosi.

Dosi adds, “We are positioned uniquely to bring Microsoft Advertising to marketers in Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa through our deep appreciation of marketers’ needs, a keen understanding of the markets and a customer-obsessed team.”

InMobi will be responsible for the sales, account management, marketing, finance, collection and billing for Microsoft Advertising customers managed by InMobi, in India, South East Asia, Turkey and the Middle East and Africa from now onwards.

The direct billing with InMobi is intended to enable a seamless and hassle-free experience for advertisers, from InMobi, as they leverage their services.

InMobi’s client Ankit Maheshwari, VP of marketing at Angara, a leading online diamond and gemstone jeweller, says, “The InMobi team is pivotal to the success that the Angara witnesses with Microsoft Advertising. Their proactive approach has time and again enhanced campaign efficiency, driven innovation and delivered healthy returns for the brand.”

Maheshwari adds, “We are looking forward to replicating this success across multiple geographies and markets and going from strength to strength with InMobi as a partner.”

Anand Mistry, another InMobi client head of digital marketing at Commerce Pundit, says, “In the last two years, the partnership with the InMobi team has consistently enabled us to grow business and maximise ROI for our clients on the Microsoft advertising platform.”

“The strategic inputs and execution excellence from InMobi have not only added value to our client’s business but also deepened Commerce Pundit’s relationship with them,” adds Mistry.

Mistry concludes, “The comprehensive insights shared by the InMobi team on Search, Shopping and Native Display have been pivotal in exploring and scaling our business across new locations globally. We are excited to see the partnership reaching new heights in the future.”

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