Powerful Reasons why You Should Focus More on Direct Mail Marketing

Martech Outlook | Friday, June 10, 2022

Direct mail has better response rates, wider visibility, and more creative potential than online marketing; Therefore, it should be a primary component.

FREMONT, CA: Are users contemplating a direct mail campaign for their business and pondering whether the expense would be worthwhile? Even with the abundance of digital advertising channels, direct mail marketing remains an attractive and viable alternative due to its many advantages.

Direct mail has higher response rates, wider visibility, and more creative potential than online marketing; Therefore, it should be an integral part of any campaign.

Here are some advantages of direct mail marketing:

Direct mail has excellent response rates: In comparison to other marketing tactics, direct mail response rates have historically been the highest and have continued to rise in recent years. According to research conducted by the marketing and advertising trade organization Data & Marketing Association (DMA), these rates are approximately 9 percent for house lists (those who have already connected with a brand) and 5 percent for prospects.

Numerous variables, including personalization, cause these surges. In recent years, mass customization has been demonstrated to raise response rates by ten or more.

Email can’t even get close to a 5 percent response. The average click-through rate, or the proportion of email recipients who clicked a link, is less than 2 percent.

Direct-mail recipients open and read it: Imagine entering your home after retrieving a stack of mail from your mailbox. Do you instantly discard everything or scan it to determine what you received? You are not alone if you skim or read through each section. According to the United States Postal Service (USPS) research, 53 percent of Americans read their mail, while 21 percent at least scan it. This means that more receivers will see your direct marketing message than with other channels.

Direct mail is tangible and individual: Many individuals desire to receive direct mail marketing materials. This demonstrates the attractiveness of physical marketing messages as compared to digital ones. Physical mail might be placed in a pocket or hung on the refrigerator as a reminder. These are private locations inaccessible by any other means and are of great value.

Direct mail is well-known and builds trust: Mail has existed for a very long time and is resistant to many disadvantages of digital advertising. A direct mail letter cannot infect the recipient’s computer or house. A filthy digital ad? This is a different tale. Who has not been offered an iPad online for free?

The familiarity of direct mail gives a sense of comfort and credibility that resonates with many consumers, particularly the elderly and those unfamiliar with technology.

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