6 high paying side hustles for data scientists in Africa

According to Interview Query, becoming a data science consultant is lucrative and offers rewarding opportunities. Skilled data scientists in Africa can earn a decent income by providing consultancy services. Data science consultants work with organizations to analyze computations with insights from collected data.

The idea is to work with clients to improve their business strategies, analytical skills, and data competencies. With many companies hiring data science analysts, it’s time for skilled Africans to benefit from sharing knowledge and expertise in the industry.

According to Python Insta Planet, blogging is one of the quickest ways to make money online as it offers endless money-making opportunities. With the data science industry booming, skilled Africans can earn a decent income by publishing blogs and articles.

If you can create a brand around your name and write articles and blogs on data science, consider blogging high-paying side hustle. The idea is to create a website, write articles with valuable information and leverage the internet for revenue generation. Besides, you can make money with affiliate marketing, adverts, and selling e-books.

According to Analytics Insights, YouTube is a great video platform where people learn any topic’s basics and advanced concepts. Skilled data scientists in Africa can benefit from the population of aspiring learning on the platform. This industry is rewarding if you can teach or share knowledge and record videos to upload on the platform.

With a focus on data science, the idea is to create a channel and teach how to collect structured and unstructured data or dive deeper into machine learning algorithms. Opportunities abound in this industry, and Africans can earn by leveraging the internet for followers. Besides, you can earn with ads and get sponsorships.

According to Towards Data Science, testing websites and apps for business organizations and individuals is lucrative with a decent monthly income. By testing websites and applications, data scientists in Africa can get paid to make the web a more functional and less buggy place.

This high-paying side-hustle is for you if you can test for bugs and solve important technical issues. With many companies hiring website and app tester before launching products and services, data scientists in Africa can earn a decent side income from it. Besides, testing and giving feedback improves your knowledge.

According to Phoenixite, data scientists are problem solvers and creating and selling products that solve a real problem is profitable. Data scientists in Africa can earn a decent income by developing applications and software providing insights and solving data issues for organizations.

If you can organize and structure data for analysis and run experiments to gather data, consider creating and selling apps and software for money. The idea is to start with a simple product with excellent features before advancing to complex projects, ensuring adequate research for authentic results.

According to KD Nuggets, Kaggle is home to engaging and entertaining data science competitions with endless money-making opportunities. Suppose you want to improve your data science skills or learn new skills. Consider the Kaggle data science competition. While data scientists in Africa can learn in the competition, there are cash prices and rewards for winners. So, if you’re knowledgeable and experienced in the data science niche, you can earn by demonstrating your skills in competitions. Consider creating an excellent Kaggle profile to attract recruiters who can get you into competitions.

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