LinkDaddy® Rolls Out White Label SEO Service for SEO Agencies and Web Design Companies

LinkDaddy offers SEO reseller services for digital marketing, web designing & website building agencies that need a trustworthy white label SEO company.

Most top-ranking pages get ‘followed’ backlinks from new websites at a pace of +5%-14.5% per month. The more backlinks a page has, the more organic traffic it gets from Google”

— Ahrefs

UNITED STATES, June 13, 2022 / — Digital marketing agencies are likely to get requests for SEO services since a large part of the client mix includes web store & brand owners apart from eCommerce marketplace vendors. While some have in-house SEO personnel to cater to such demands, others might seek the help of an SEO reseller. This can be a mutually beneficial arrangement where the digital agency can concentrate on its core services whereas the private label SEO reseller handles the demands related to search engine optimization. This includes optimizing the website/web store for more visibility on global search engine results or local SEO gains. However, some agencies might have reservations about working with an SEO reseller, assuming SEO wholesalers might indulge in shady backlink tactics that can have serious repercussions. LinkDaddy is positioned uniquely in this interesting ecosystem, providing white label seo services, specializing in creating authentic and abundant backlinks using industry-standard methods that can raise the overall SEO score of a business website along with maintaining transparency.

While the benefits of partnering with an SEO reseller can be easy to compute, digital agencies can still have reservations about this partnership. A common apprehension can be the lack of control. With an SEO reseller in tow, it is natural for the agency handling the client account to feel that its ability to control every aspect of the project has been compromised – private label SEO service might take away the advantage of having every bit of the project’s data easily accessible on the digital agency’s dashboard. An SEO strategy might also warrant some changes to the website – recommended by the reseller. Here, agencies can feel reluctant about the reseller trying to push for becoming a part of the client communication. There can be an instance where an SEO wholesaler tries to overwhelm the communication, trying to exert itself as the real specialist.

However, all such issues can be easily handled if the choice of the reseller is done after some groundwork, and the terms of engagement in the reseller-agency relationship are defined upfront. The SEO specialists at LinkDaddy work discreetly, never challenging the ownership and control that an agency wants in its project. While its team of optimization experts has extensive knowledge in the SEO services domain, it respects the agency-client relationship, never creating a point of conflict. To ensure that its services are relevant to digital marketing firms, big & small, it extends the room to tailor an SEO plan as per a client’s need.

Once the agency has won the project, it can allow the SEO reseller to get involved, understanding the scope of work and the client’s expectations. With this heavy lifting for SEO services outsourced, the agency can concentrate on its niche services like setting up digital marketing campaigns, designing the creatives for newsletters, preparing a PR copy, or fine-tuning the next social media promotion. This means savings in the form of bypassing the investments and overheads associated with setting up an in-house team for SEO projects. By leveraging local SEO, global SEO, marketplace SEO, small business SEO, and link-building services of LinkDaddy, agencies can create more engagement for every client they serve, raising the probability of transforming smaller accounts into higher, more regularly billed projects. LinkDaddy has a team of project managers dedicated to such agency-reseller private label SEO setups which do not limit the outsourcing agency from upselling the SEO services at a slightly higher cost to reserve a margin.

“The beauty of SEO is that instead of pushing a marketing message onto folks who don’t want to hear what you have to say, you can reverse-engineer the process to discover exactly what people are looking for. It’s pull vs push” – Cyrus Shepard, Founder @ Zyppy

For digital agencies that are just getting started, not providing SEO services can deliver a blow to their credibility. It creates the risk of not competing with established agencies that invariably have SEO teams that can promise a higher position on the SERPs along with the agency’s expertise, such as managing AdWords campaigns or planning the next social media marketing blitz.

A smartly planned SEO reseller program can fill this gap, helping agencies stay more competitive despite not owning or employing SEO skills. This applies to web development and web designing firms also where the client is likely to approach the agency to make the portal compete on global search engines like Google and Bing. Even small business website owners can demand an SEO consultant to help them navigate the maze of keywords and might request an SEO audit right away. A trustworthy white label SEO services company like LinkDaddy fits the role with its flexible service and costing—it can take care of SEO-related deliverables.

Digital marketing agencies can also feel that an SEO reseller offers limited expertise or standardized one-size-fits-all services. Some clients might demand the link-building exercise to be put in the fourth gear right away for which LinkDaddy offers Aggressive Tier 1 Backlink. For website owners concerned about the low domain authority of a website, LinkDaddy offers a Domain Power Booster program. Some businesses thrive due to their local outreach and performing well on search results have little relevance unless the click volumes transform into more store visits or online queries. For such neighborhood contractors, ranging from plumbers to home painters and dentists, LinkDaddy offers a white hat label backlink program that helps to win a place in the top band of location-based searches. This can appeal more to smaller, neighborhood businesses, reducing their ad spending, and helping them gain more organic traffic for local searches from nearby areas.

A digital agency that programs, codes, or designs might need to offer something unique to grab the client’s confidence and retain the client for a longer duration. A result-oriented SEO reseller can help if it can offer something beyond the standard SEO world of meta tags or keywords, which can seem predictable. LinkDaddy can provide the differentiator with its Google Stack Backlink service where it creates, builds, and then uses Google assets like Google Drive, Google Images, and Google Docs for boosting authentic clicks routed to the main business website.

This white label SEO service can also make young SEO agencies out there more competitive. Just like deliverables for digital marketing agencies need to be quantified with analytics, a private label SEO agency is expected to provide a detailed report, ranging from the choice of keywords to any gains made for website traffic volumes. LinkDaddy provides this support without reservations about sharing the metrics for its link-building services. It offers an advantage in the form of its extensive network of niche-related blogs and newsrooms that help in syndicating every bit of content created for a brand, helping websites earn genuine, qualified clicks.

About LinkDaddy

Based out of Miami, Florida, LinkDaddy is a white label SEO company. The company provides effective search engine optimization strategies & solutions to create more online engagement for a brand. Whether it is a neighborhood business that wants to feature higher up in the local search results or a startup pursuing a better ranking for its YouTube videos, LinkDaddy provides customized packages for all SEO requirements. The agency provides end-to-end backlinking services that include tier 1 backlinks, do-follow backlinks, Google Stack backlinks, local SEO backlinks, and mass page website backlinks. Business owners can ask for LinkDaddy’s domain power booster services with the confidence of legitimate practices, white hat SEO only. With access to one of the world’s largest niche blog networks, LinkDaddy can boost the relevance of web pages and other digital assets, helping business websites rank higher for different keywords and targeted locations. At all times, customers can opt for a no-obligation, zero-cost Free trial to understand the ethical link-building services and the different service packages.

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LinkDaddy® Rolls Out White Label SEO Reseller Service for Digital Agencies


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