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Proud to announce that our blog series on small business marketing mistakes got thousands of visits including national media attention. View All 10 Sections Now

We serve as an independent and upfront third party when evaluating a business and tell our client’s exactly what the issues are and the best way to correct them. Honest Feedback is vital for success!”

— David Phillips, CEO and Founder of SayWhat Consulting

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 13, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — We are proud to announce that the “Top 10 Small Business Marketing Mistakes” blog series with over 70 pages of content received thousands of visits including national media attention on Fox, dozens of small business journals and newspapers. It also generated a few national magazine interviews (2 releasing in August and 1 in September) with the Owner and Founder of SayWhat Consulting, David Phillips. David’s unique life experiences combined with his vast business knowledge give the clients of SayWhat a unique competitive advantage.

SayWhat Consulting (https://saywt.com) has developed a recipe for success for small business owners. The full analysis of a typical small business results in an insurmountable “to do” list for the business owner. SayWhat’s unique approach and ability to simplify complex issues gives business owners a realistic approach to better their business. When was the last time you evaluated your reputation management strategy, your pay per click marketing budget, audited your businesses customer service and your websites effectiveness?

As a small business owner it is difficult to receive truly unbiased advice from employees or family because of the potential awkwardness it can cause. “We serve as an independent, upfront and honest third party when evaluating a business and telling our client’s exactly what the issues are and the best way to correct them. We are hired to” says David Phillips “provide solutions to their complex issues ranging from marketing, employee sales and customer service training – to contractual negotiations. Our clients may not always follow all of our recommendations or like what we have to say – but they can trust it is honest feedback from a very experienced resource.”

With the success of the Top 10 Small Business Marketing Mistakes series, SayWhat Consulting will soon be launching a new podcast series focused on everything from human resource issues, sales, marketing and staffing including methods to attract the best candidates. The podcast will focus on common small business issues along with specific issues for your individual business. Numerous industry experts have graciously agreed to spend an hour answering your questions – some of them you are likely very familiar with and others you may not have heard of yet. You will be impressed with their significant amount of experience and knowledge. In order to submit questions just visit https://saywt.com and submit your questions through our main contact form – just mention the podcast.

Here is a very brief summary of the Top 10 Small Business Marketing Mistakes series. Part 1 of the 10 part blog series examined the significance of tracking all of your marketing along with truly knowing what marketing efforts are producing results so you are spending your marketing dollars wisely. Part 2 covered in detail how to generate leads and also the best practices in nurturing and converting them. Part 3 focused on creating a strategic marketing budget with the understanding that a well thought out marketing budget gives your company direction, purpose and a strategic advantage over your competition. Part 4 surveyed the particulars of how to choose a digital marketing firm along with the importance of unique content and its role with the long term SEO (https://saywt.com/seo) and social media marketing strategy for a business. Part 5 reviews the importance of being a “good online citizen” and search engine optimization. Part 6 discussed how to properly market your business through pay per click advertising, social media marketing while maintaining a strong online reputation through positive reviews. Part 7 discussed the importance of choosing the right digital marketing firm and exactly how to do it successfully. Part 8 studied the importance of analyzing your competition to greatly improve your marketing and conversions. Part 9 details the importance of creating and following a marketing plan. Part 10 wraps up the series discussing the essentials of email marketing and the value it creates for any small business. Review all of the blogs here: https://www.saywt.com/blog

SayWhat Consulting are experts at the development of strategic marketing plans for small and medium sized businesses as well as reputation management. They offer a free 20 minute consultation to see if their services are a good fit for your business needs. https://saywt.com/consulting-program

You can view all 10 parts by visiting our blog here: https://www.saywt.com/blog. This blog series contains close to 70 pages of useful content that business owners can implement immediately in order to better their business. New blogs are posted every two weeks so please subscribe!

More about SayWhat Consulting:

SayWhat Consulting was founded with the business owner in mind. We know that business owners are placed in impossible situations trying to master all aspects of their company including marketing, employee management, sales, lead conversion, customer service, client retention, accounting, collections and everything else.

As a business owner you may be interested in The Business Owner Consulting Program with SayWhat (https://saywt.com/consulting-program). The Business Owner Consulting Program (BOCP) is focused on providing business owners the tools needed to ensure short and long-term success by addressing the needs of that specific business and owner. One of the most popular parts of the BOCP is the marketing management package giving you the power of having a Chief Marketing Officer at a fraction of the cost to ensure all of your marketing choices are educated, cost effective, high returns and verifiable. Learn more on our website www.saywt.com.

Meet Our Founder

Our Founder, David Phillips is a successful entrepreneur and grew his business for over 13 years as well as working at two global 500 companies. Mr. Phillips has been faculty at and lectured on numerous subjects ranging from marketing to business operations at dozens of industry specific annual meetings. With over 20 years of real-world business experience – we know and understand almost every problem you are going to and have faced – along with what you will need to do to continue to grow your business successfully.

Feel free to call us at (424) 235-8704, review our website (www.saywt.com) or you can email David directly at david@saywt.com.

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