How to Access Vonage Business Inbox

The Vonage Business Inbox is a part of the larger Vonage Business Communications platform for UC, allowing users to manage their email, voice messages, and fax in one place. The platform also includes instant messaging, video conferencing, and screen sharing features.

Understanding Vonage Business Inbox

Vonage Business Inbox is an SMS, and social integration solution first launched in 2018. It allows customers to use SMS to reach a company’s primary contact number. This number could be your customer service number, sales number, or any other number that is most frequently used to communicate with the company or that is currently being used in a marketing campaign.

The inbox works like a regular text messaging conversation, but all messages are stored in the cloud and accessible from any device. Thanks to this new integration, customers may post messages to your company page on Facebook, which one can then read and respond to through the Business Inbox. The social messaging capabilities of Vonage UC also allow consumers to respond to messages delivered via platforms like Facebook Messenger, allowing users to respond faster by organizing requests in one unified inbox.

Communication giant Ericsson is to acquire Vonage for $6.2 billion, as per a November 2021 announcement.

How to Add a Business Inbox to Your Vonage implementation and Set it Up

To add the Business Inbox functionality to your Vonage implementation, follow these steps:

● Sign in to access the Admin Portal.

● Then select “Store,” then “Add-Ons.”

● Click “Add” after selecting the quantity of Business Inbox you wish to buy.

● Then click the “Cart” once complete and click “Checkout.”

Now that the service has been added, an administrator needs to set it up before users can start accessing the inbox contents. Organizations can grant access to the Business Inbox to any of their employees. Employees can use the mobile app, web app, or desktop software to send and receive text messages from the company’s primary phone number. To give employees access to business inbox:

● Access the Admin Portal.

● Select Business Inbox from the left-hand menu

● Wherever you want to add users, click the Pencil symbol on the right side of the Business Inbox.

● Select Assigned Members from the Members option on the left side menu.

● Check the box next to each one that you wish to allocate. Uncheck the check box next to a user’s name to delete them.

● Select “Save.”

Next, follow the steps to set up the Business inbox with a virtual receptionist – you will find that most other capabilities are activated by default.

● To use the Virtual Receptionist with Business Inbox, provide it with a number.

● Access the Admin Portal.

● Select Business Inbox under business apps.

● Click the Pencil symbol next to the Business Inbox you wish to assign to a Virtual Receptionist.

● Select one from the Assign Virtual Receptionist drop-down menu.

● Click “Save.”

How Can Employees Access the Vonage Business Inbox?

Once an administrator has assigned specific users for the Business Inbox functionality, employees can access its contents from the Vonage app. First, employees need to enable the phone numbers they wish to see in the inbox module:

● From the desktop app, click on Application, followed by Messaging Settings.

● Mark each number you wish to use under Business Inbox Enabled Number.

● Extend the section Notifications.

● Check the Notify On New Business Messages box if you want messages to appear on your Recent and Messages pages.

One can also achieve the same results in the Vonage mobile app. Tap the Avatar (upper left, on top) and then go to Settings. Click Messaging and select the phone number you wish to use for Business Inbox. Once the numbers are configured as per the user’s preference, users can use the Vonage Business inbox to send and receive messages. To send messages, one can follow these steps on the desktop app:

● Select My Apps, then Business Inbox.

● Select the + New Message option.

● Enter a number or choose a contact from your contact list.

● In the Type Message Here window, type your message.

● Click the Send button.

Similarly, to receive messages, users can:

● Click “My Apps” and then Business Inbox.

● Go to Messages to view.

The process is even more straightforward when using the Vonage mobile app. Tap the “Message” icon, tap the Arrow icon to send messages, and tap the “Message” icon to view received messages.

Accessing the Other Features of Vonage Business Inbox

In addition to just sending and receiving messages, there are four other functionalities users need to know and access daily:

1. Assign a conversation to another user

● Click My Apps and then Business Inbox.

● Next to the conversation you intend to assign, select the More (3 dots) button.

● Select the user you wish to attach by hovering over Assign Conversation.

2. Connect Your Facebook Account

● Access the Admin Portal.

● Select Business Apps, then Business Inbox.

● Hover over the Business Inbox you wish to link and select the Pencil symbol.

● Follow the procedures to link by clicking Add Facebook Page.

● Click Save.

3. Unlink or change Facebook Account

● Sign in to the Admin Portal.

● Click Business Apps, then click Business Inbox.

● Hover over the Business Inbox you want to manage and click the Pencil icon.

● Go to your linked account and click the drop-down to select an option.

4. Reauthorize a Facebook Page

If one is having trouble sending or receiving messages from their Facebook page, one should try re-establishing a link to it like this:

● Sign in to the Admin Portal.

● Click Business Apps, then click Business Inbox.

● Hover over the Business Inbox linked to Facebook and click the Pencil icon.

● The Edit Business Inbox page is displayed.

● Click the Reauthorize Page button.

With Vonage Business Inbox, users can stay connected and organized, no matter where they are. Organizations can also use the Inbox to manage their voicemail, faxes, and text messages. By following the steps outlined in this article, users can easily access their Inboxes from any device with an internet connection.

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