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Working in the freelance model has become a highly preferred system, especially in Europe and America, with the Pandemic. People can practice their professions through various platforms and increase their popularity in their sectors quickly by serving various brands. Freelance working systems are very common, especially in digital services. Popular specializations are digital marketing, software, graphic design, UI/UX design, content writing etc. as diversified.

Freelance Content Writing

Freelance content writing is a big part of the freelancing industry. Instead of creating local content teams, brands can more easily meet their content needs by communicating with content writers who are experts in their fields. 72% of digital and content marketing teams of brands in Europe and America prefer to meet their content needs outsourced.

Freelance Content Platforms

There are various platforms for brands to create content teams that fit their needs. A great example of these platforms, Textoni has the largest volume of content producers in the European market in both audio content and written content with its wide product models. +28,000 content creators produce solutions to the content needs of brands through Textoni.

Textoni Content Ecosystem

Textoni Content Ecosystem is a freelancer platform that focuses on the content marketing sphere with its +28.000 content creators. Compared to other freelancer platforms in the market, Textoni successfully attracted the attention of brands thanks to focusing on a specific area and its large freelancer pool.

There exist various product models in which the brands can choose to have access to both content writers as well as voice actors. Being among the products which make a difference, X-team allows freelancers to earn regular income. To list the product models;

– Enterprise
Pre-made Content
– Audio Content
– X-team
– Marketplace

Textoni, which is highly preferred by brands in the European market for their text content needs, has recently launched its Audio Content Service.

Textoni’s Audio Content Services

Audio content is an indispensable part of content marketing. With the increasing expectations of ease of consumption, it has become a content model that brands and users are very interested in. The importance of increasing of easy-to-consume content has led brands to actively use various types of audio content. Types of audio content in brief;

– Audiobook
– Audioblog
– Podcast
– Jingle
– Audio Ads
Signature Tune etc.

It is stated that podcasts and audiobooks are preferred most among these models.

Hiring Voice Over Actors on Textoni

Finding the right voice over actors for brands is quite a challenging process. Not every platform offers successful solutions to set up and manage the necessary audio content team. Textoni Audio Content service is one of the services that make a difference in this field. People can work with voice actors of any language, gender, age and tone and manage this team easily through Textoni’s platform. Therefore, accquiring audio content will become easy for anyone together with text content.

Future Solutions by Textoni

Textoni is a start-up based in Izmir and California. The data announced by the team shows that it achieved 47x growth last year. Founder of Textoni, Tufan Kızılırmak conveyed the following statements in a live broadcast: “Meeting with brands in both audio and text content in the European market, Textoni will continue to grow with various partners in the United States market throughout the year.”

In line with the statements of Tufan Kızılırmak, Textoni will move forward to become a freelancer platform whose name people will continue to hear more often.

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