How to Fully Optimize Product Listings on Amazon, According to Awesome Dynamic

The Amazon product page optimization experts at Awesome Dynamic shares their tried-and-tested ecommerce optimization tips

Running a business while figuring out how to make one’s sales listing perform better than the other, even when the products are similar, can get overwhelming for everyday business owners who have little to no knowledge of the Amazon algorithm. Fortunately, ecommerce consulting experts like Awesome Dynamic can take this daunting task off of their plates by utilizing all available tools, best practices, and gold standard case studies to optimize their Amazon listings.

Amazon is a buyer-based search engine. Its goal as a business is to show relevant listings that drive shoppers to buy.whenever they search for a product. For this reason, its algorithm and SEO practices were designed to reward listings that best appeal and serve consumers. Simply put, the more successful a listing is among shoppers, the more conversions and profits are realized – for both the seller and Amazon.

Optimization and conversion occur when Amazon’s several key content areas – the title, bullet points, product description, photography, videos, A+ Content, and backend search terms – work together. Awesome Dynamic ensures that each content area is given the attention it deserves by applying these proven ecommerce optimization tips:

1. Keyword Research for Amazon Listing Optimization – By a thorough keyword search engine optimization (SEO) analysis, they are able to incorporate relevant keywords often by shoppers when searching for the product into one’s listing.

2. Copywriting to Create a Strategic Product Message Crafting clear, captivating, and descriptive copy that is easy for shoppers to digest and leads to an informed purchase decision is a must. By learning and applying Amazon’s copy guidelines and restrictions, Awesome Dynamic creates strategic content that appeals to both the Amazon algorithm and the emotions that drive consumer purchase decisions.

3. Photography That Catches the Eye of the Shopper – Words are only half the battle. To complement great copy, Awesome Dynamic highlights eye-catching, informative product photography and videos to increase consumer interest and provide a complete and authentic view of a product.

4. A+ Content Takes Product Listings Further – Formatting one’s listing with A+ Content helps create a more compelling product story. Available to sellers on Seller Central and Vendor Central, A+ Content provides shoppers with more in-depth product information.

Each of these techniques and best practices helps Awesome Dynamic develop a listing that fulfills the needs of consumers and ultimately creates the kind of content Amazon wants to see.

“The power behind a fully optimized product listing is remarkable to witness,” said Kelly Huegel, Awesome Dynamic’s Marketing Coordinator. “We’re talking about adding relevant keywords in the right places, writing copy that elevates the product in the eyes of the consumer, and showingcasing the product with eye-catching images, and then some. It really can make all the difference for a product listing and conversions.”

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