From Cold Calling to Email Marketing

Savvy digital marketing methods that yield sales. The most effective online marketing methods to propel your company to post-pandemic success. Essential digital tools and strategies for business marketing today.

The travel and hospitality industry was one of the worst-hit by the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Most marketers in that industry are keen on adopting the most efficient marketing campaigns that will propel their companies forward despite the pandemic.

While some traditional marketing methods continue to be in use, their efficacy is dwindling, making it pertinent for marketers to rethink their approach.

As a marketing executive or business owner, you may be wondering how you can tweak your strategy to make the best of the unfortunate situation caused by the pandemic.

That is where digital marketing methods and digital marketing consultants come in. These are online tools that are easy to deploy and promise a great return on investment.

Below are some of the five ways through which you can boost your company’s travel sales digitally following the pandemic.

1. Cold calling

Cold calling is a vital component of accomplishing sales objectives within the travel industry.

Growing, plenty of people find it awkward and off-putting as they reckon it means having to make random and unsolicited calls and visits to strangers.

Regardless of how uneasy and reluctant you are to make such cold calls or visits, you must do it to turn your potential consumers into long-term ones.

Furthermore, most of your prospects’ questions can be better answered by telephone or in-person meetings.

Luckily, there is an easier and more effective way to handle your cold calling.

When done properly, cold calls can yield immense benefits. One of the critical areas you need to focus on is getting your target audience right.

In this regard, a Verified cold calling contact list of warm leads is invaluable, as it assures you of a targeted audience that is likely to be interested in your offers. In turn, that results in higher rates of conversions from your cold calling campaign.

2. Email marketing

Given the vast number of people keen on having a positive travel experience and are eager to pay for it, providing helpful information on travel offers is vital. That includes information on travel trends, safety, and destinations.

While social media has gained considerable popularity as a source of information in this regard, a substantial number of travelers still rely on email marketing as a reliable source of information.

Interestingly, 58 percent of individuals check their email first thing in the morning, ahead of checking social media or the news.

That is excellent news for email marketers within the travel industry, as a successful travel email marketing campaign will enable you to connect with millions of potential clients eager to read your content.

As a marketing method, emails allow you to alert your clients of upcoming promotions and discounts, funnel new prospects into visiting your website, and thereby convince people to plan for the trips you offer.

3. Deals and offers via social media

Offering special sales promotions or offers is an excellent strategy to pique customers’ interest in traveling. You can announce or advertise these incentives via social media, websites, and in promotional ads.

Thankfully, the most prominent social media platforms allow you to post sponsored ads targeting your chosen demographic.

Offerings of this nature will attract new clients while also prompting the desire of existing ones to return. This concept can also be used in diverse yet travel-affiliated industries (such as spas, gyms, etc.).

However, it is most appropriate in sectors that have been directly and severely impacted by the coronavirus, such as travel and restaurants.

You may entice your customers to invest in your business through discounts and other savings choices. You might even offer membership deals for clients decide who to invest in you within a specific period.

Even in difficult economic times, this will enable you to make some money.

4. Adopt a data-driven strategy

Analyze your target markets’ behavior online. Where do they spend most of their time? What areas are of interest to them?

With that information, you can tweak your strategy campaign accordingly.

For instance, you can influence the amount of human traffic your website receives by generating content likely to increase that traffic.

One way to do this is by viewing the keywords that sent people to your site using Google’s free tool- the Google Search Console.

Additionally, it will show you historical research trends so you can choose your content themes based on that data. With such information, you can generate relevant content that brings an added number of online visitors to your site.

The Keyword Planner is yet another Google resource that you can utilize on the Ads platform. You could connect your website to the Google Ads platform even if you don’t intend to spend money on advertising.

It’s excellent for investigating any keywords you are curious about and determining how many hits they receive monthly. You can search globally or by city, region, or country.

5. Content marketing

As the adage goes, ‘content is king.’

Having a beautifully designed website is of little use to your business if it fails to carry information you’re your clients will find relevant and valuable.

That is where content creation comes in, and for travel businesses, content may be in the form of videos or blog articles.

Blogging is a great way to retain visitors to your website, especially if it reflects your business scope and has an exquisite and easy-to-navigate catalog of offers.

Encourage people and establish trust by demonstrating your knowledge in your blog entries to aid travelers in making their decisions for the post-Covid travel rebound!

Publishing exciting and informative articles accompanied by attractive visuals is a surefire way of making your online visitors develop trust in your brand. Such content may feature information on different destinations and the attractions found there.


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