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How Text Messaging is Quickly Becoming the Most Important Marketing Tool

We have seen a dramatic shift in how we communicate within the last year. Professional, academic, and casual communication, all transitioned to the virtual space as we shut down during the ongoing pandemic. Communication in the virtual space shed light on what was an effective way to communicate with your peers and what was not.

While video and phone calls maintained effectiveness, communication via email proved otherwise. Professionals quickly realized how cluttered email inboxes had become and how difficult this made it to communicate via email. In effect, this led marketers to confirm their inclinations that email marketing may no longer be as effective at reaching customers as it once had been.

It has become seemingly harder and harder to reach customers and communicate with potential conversions. With the overwhelming amount of telemarketing calls and spam emails, it has become more difficult for a business to communicate a message without it being marked as spam or sent straight to voicemail. But as we have learned over the past few years, text messaging can be a much more effective way of communicating with friends, family, and now even customers of your business.

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Market research has shown that of the US population, roughly 80% use text messaging as a means of communication on a regular basis. This is a hopeful statistic for marketers and businesses struggling with traditional telemarketing and email marketing tactics. With a large portion of the population now texting, businesses can begin to use text message marketing as a new way to reach their customers.

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Text message marketing is opening up a new channel of communication with your customers that can help build relationships and drive conversions. With text message marketing services, stores can confidently send announcements, coupon codes, and the latest deals to their customers without worrying that their message will be marked as spam or sent straight to voicemail. In fact, text messages have consistently maintained a 98% open rate over the last few years.

Companies such as SmartSend have Consistently amplified business promotions and increased customer loyalty by sending text messages with specific marketing messages directly to customer phones. By driving conversions, boosting sales, and increasing customer engagement, companies like SmartSend have proven how effective text message marketing can be.

If you own a business and have not already, now is the time to start texting your customers. Research has shown that texting as a dominant means of communication will continue to grow for the next 5 years. So as inboxes continue to be flooded with spam and junk mail, making it harder and harder to communicate with customers, why not try an emerging platform such as SmartSend and see what text message marketing can do for your business.

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