Top 10 Benefits of Influencer Marketing

To take advantage of the digital platform, business organizations have been approaching customers in various ways over digital media. The organizations have started focusing on their websites so that the customers can have the entire information about the organization and its offerings. The organizations have increased their presence on social media to interact with the customers directly and inform them about the latest deals, promotions, and innovations as soon as possible. The organizations have started generating content to improve the organisation’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to grab the customers’ attention. However, this is not just enough.

Digital media is evolving, and new things and attractions are gaining customers’ attention. Therefore, the organizations need to match pace with such evolution and make a bouquet of efforts so that the customer can be holistically targeted. Influencer marketing is a typical digital marketing strategy most organizations adopt today. The concept of Influencer Marketing is popular on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, among others. There are various ways of engaging in Influencer Marketing.

What are the advantages of influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a popular type of social media marketing. This is the trending digital market move that the organizations are choosing. However, it is important to understand the various benefits of influencer marketing and the types of influencer marketing that an organization can choose from. The various benefits of Influencer Marketing include:

10 top Advantages of Influencer Marketing:

1. Influencer marketing is somewhat similar to Word-of-Mouth Publicity. Therefore, the credibility of the organisation, its products and services, its brand name and its image increase manifold.

2. Influencer marketing operates on social network sites with global reach and depth. Therefore, the organization can increase the reach and depth of penetration within different markets without making any special effort or additional investments.

3. The audiences of Influencer Marketing are involved with the influencers. Therefore, the organizations gain uninterrupted engagement of the customers through this mode of marketing.

4. Influencers engaged in Influencer Marketing have a good number of followers. Therefore, the organisation’s reach is enhanced, and such followers trust the influencers to such an extent that the majority of these engagements would lead to conversions.

5. Unlike celebrity endorsements that existed only for a particular campaign or a set of such campaigns, influencer marketing leads to a long-term collaboration between the organization and the social influencers. Therefore, the organization benefits in terms of time, money, and effort. In contrast, the influencers benefit from a regular flow of income.

6. According to various research outputs, organizations using Influencer Marketing as a strategy has shown better search engine optimization results than those with other digital marketing strategies.

7. As compared to paid advertisements on social media and other online platforms, influencer marketing strategies are much more effective in terms of results (organisations do not have control over paid advertisements, and they are easy to miss by the customers) and cheaper in terms of cost (paid advertising campaigns are significantly costly).

8. According to research, organizations involved in Influencer marketing have reported having increased Return on Investments; eg, according to research, brands investing $1 in Influencer Marketing have reported an ROI of $18.

9. Influencer marketing cannot be branded as meant only for big or medium companies like celebrity endorsements. Small, medium, and large business organizations and start-ups can engage in influencer marketing since the cost involved is not as high as celebrity endorsements or paid advertisements.

10. Influencer marketing is a continuous effort of both the marketers of the organisation and the social influencers. However, it is cost-effective and time effective since the organizations need not invest additionally in monitoring and managing the influencers. Therefore, the time and efforts saved by using influencer marketing can be utilised for other effective activities of the organisation.

Influencer marketing is beneficial and effective for organizations in various ways. However, the organizations need to understand and analyze the type of influencer marketing they would need to engage in depending on the type of organization and the product or services the organization engages in. Some of the different types of influencer marketing include Guest Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Informative Blogging, Sponsored Content, and Barter Collaboration, among others. Hiring a professional Influencer Marketing Agency would help the organizations take the appropriate decision regarding the type of Influencing marketing and the type of social influencers who can be approached.

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