My seven side hustles will make you $1000s and you don’t have to leave the house – they can even replace your real job

A YOUTUBER has shared seven side hustle ideas that can bank you thousands without leaving the comfort of your home.

In his latest YouTube video, contact creator Jatz Naran explains how these seven side hustle ideas require zero experience and cost nothing to start.


YouTuber Jatz Naran reveals seven side hustle ideas that can bank you thousandsCredit: YouTube/ Jatz Naran
The contact creator explains how some of these ideas can even replace your day job


The contact creator explains how some of these ideas can even replace your day jobCredit: YouTube/ Jatz Naran

And according to Naran, they may even replace your day job.


The first side hustle option he shares is Click Bank Affiliate Marketing, which he expresses is ideal for someone who doesn’t have the “time or thousands” to spend on creating a quality product.

“Click Bank is one of the major affiliate networks alongside others like CJ Affiliate, PartnerStack, where you can simply sign up and get an affiliate link for a program, which you can sell,” Naran explains.

“And you can make a commission every time someone purchases it using your affiliate link.”

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To get started, the Youtuber explains that users have to create an account on Cli, go and go to their marketplace, choose a category, then receive a list of products you can start promoting, which can make you passive income.


A second side hustle option is selling digital products on Etsy.

The YouTuber explains that all you have to do is create a CV, email or Instagram template and list it on Etsy.

For those who don’t know how to create an email template, Naran explains that you can go on YouTube and quickly learn how to make one.

Or, potential sellers can go on Fiverr and pay someone to make a template that you can continue selling.


This side hustle idea goes to social media fanatics.

The content creator explains that those who spend lots of time on social media should offer to take over a company’s social media profile.

“The easiest way to get your first client or a business to basically take care of their social media is to offer this service to a business you know or your local business, which you go every single time, but you see that they’re not really marketing themselves on social media a lot,” he explains.

After successfully launching a company’s social media page, he explains how you should create a doc explaining the process.


A Printful business is an easier way for those who’ve always dreamed about owning their own clothing brand, Naran explains.

“To make a successful clothing brand in 2022, the thing you need to do is target loyal fan bases,” which he explains are anime fans.

“Anime fans love products which has something to do with the character from their favorite series.”

According to the YouTuber, TikTok is the best platform to spread your brand to a broader audience.


Naran explains that all you need to learn is how to edit a YouTube video and then scout for a channel with over 15,000 subscribers,

He explains that looking for a channel with over 15,000 subscribers is essential because those users can “afford to pay for YouTube editor”.

The YouTuber explains the best way to reach out to channels is by offering to edit one of their videos for free.

Another form of selling yourself is downloading one of their old clips and trying to make it better by adding some of your styles to “make it as appealing as possible”.


To get started as an online tutor, Naran explains how you must find a tutoring platform that has your subject.

He explains that websites like MyTutor, Tutorful and Tutor House are great ones to start.

According to Naran, you can make over $21 an hour, depending on your experience and your profile reviews.

However, a certain level of education is needed to create a profile.


If you’re looking to get into this side hustle, you must create an Amazon seller account.

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“What makes Amazon FBA Wholesale the best is that you can easily start making money as soon as your seller account is ready,” he says.

The most important thing potential sellers need to remember is finding a profitable product to market.

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