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Johnson & Johnson’s consumer health company has a new name, identity and purpose. Kenvue is a combination of “ken” meaning knowledge and “vue” a homonym of view, the company said on Wednesday.

The $15 billion consumer spinoff with household staple brands including Neutrogena, Tylenol, Band-Aid and a lineup of baby care products is set to become a separate publicly traded company by November 2023.

Along with the name, J&J is adopting a dark green graphically designed “K” as the brand logo. The squared-up rectangle in the first half of the letter is meant to represent scientific precision, while the rounded second half resembling a sideways heart shape is meant to evoke the warmth of care, J&J said in a press release.

In an introductory video, the “K” changes colors alongside its products — turning different shades of blue for Neutrogena and Listerine, then yellow-orange for Baby Shampoo and red for Tylenol.

J&J used a small core team to develop and screen thousands of names before settling on Kenvue, a J&J Consumer Health spokesperson said in an email. The name needed to work across languages ​​and cultures and clear trademark hurdles, while also being distinctive and communicating core brand propositions, she said.

“We wanted to create something that could elevate Kenvue as a modern, digital-first company as well as capture and showcase our incredible purpose in an instant,” she said, adding that the curves in the second half of the K logo are reflected in the products, advising “look closely to note the soft curves representative of our Tylenol and Band-Aid brands.”

Thibaut Mongon

The new Kenvue purpose is “Realize the extraordinary power of everyday care” which J&J consumer health CEO designate Thibaut Mongon explained in the press release as relating to “daily self-care rituals add up over time and have a profound cumulative impact on your wellbeing. This is the extraordinary power of everyday care.”

J&J is the latest big pharma company to spin off its consumer health business, following on the heels of GSK and Pfizer’s joint consumer company Haleon this summer. Haleon began trading as a separate company in July, and adopted its own also bright green color in its black and green name logo.

J&J reported 2021 consumer health sales of $14.6 billion, compared to $52 billion for its much larger pharma business. In July, it reported Q2 sales of $3.8 billion for consumer health and $13.3 billion for pharma products. J&J’s third business unit, medical devices, notched sales of $27 billion in 2021 and $7 billion in the most recent second quarter.

The proposed new consumer company name comes as J&J legal battles continue over one of its key consumer products Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder. After years of litigation with tens of thousands of cases still in court over allegations of its talc-based powder, J&J moved to spin out the talc liabilities into a separate company and filed for bankruptcy earlier this year.

The bankruptcy move was initially approved, although is now being challenged by plaintiffs. J&J had already removed talc from its US products, but said in August it will switch to all-cornstarch baby powder products globally by the first quarter of 2023.

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