Ultron: the DeFi token with a pyramid scheme

Ultron (ULX) is the DeFi token with a pyramid scheme project behind it, claimed by many as a new gem. But is it really?

Ultron (ULX): the DeFi token sponsored by Mavie Global using a pyramid scheme

Ranging from YouTube channels to groups on social media, it seems that many are coming out as influencers to promote a DeFi project dubbed “revolutionary”: Ultron (ULX).

This is a layer 1 blockchain with its native ULX token sponsored by the Mavie Global platform, which seems to be capturing attention using a network marketing model that could turn out to be a pyramid scheme.

In these instances, precisely with regard to Mavie Global’s platform, the team was analyzed with the people in question being Michal Prazenica (official CEO), Tobias Sukenik, and Ivana Belakovawho, as described, already have a rather turbulent past.

Typically, exactly to understand whether a project is legitimate or a scam, users rely on reviews (when public) and the trustworthiness of the team in question.

Ultron (ULX): how the blockchain project works with affiliate marketing

According to one reviewUltron appears to have no retail products or services, but Affiliates can only trade Ultron affiliation. It is focused on affiliate marketing, namely multilevel marketing or MLM.

What attracts users to the Ultron project is the promise of fairly high staking returnswith a paid ROI on the investment in ULX tokens that is determined by the duration of the investment and ranges from 0.2% per day for the first year to 0.012% per day for the fifth year.

While under the affiliate marketing or MLM aspect, Ultron pays commissions on tokens purchased by recruited affiliates, with a remuneration plan on fifteen affiliate levels.

Not only that, the scheme also pays residual commissions through a binary compensation structurewhich places an affiliate at the top of a binary team divided into two parts (left and right).

ULX: the price of the token

Peeking at CoinMarketCap, ULX appears to have started at a price of $0.03 in late August, rising to be worth $0.10 at the time of writing.

The chart, however, does not yet indicate the token’s marketization and dominance and capitalization and describes ULX as a native token on the Ultron Blockchain.

Ponzi and Pyramid schemes continue to survive on the web, despite various actions taken even by governments. As in the case of Californiawhere recently, the DFPI intervened by targeting 11 crypto companies for of California securities laws.


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